4 mobile apps for project management students

If you are studying for a masters in project and program management degree, then your smartphone is likely going to be one of the most useful tools that you own. Your smartphone can be used to keep up with your notes, revise, go over your topic information, practice exam questions, take notes, put together schedules, read … [Read more...]

How will voice search impact your content marketing?

Searching information online is the most common thing many people do today. But, how do you do it yourself? Do your type the search question or phrase on the search engines or simply talk to your phone using a digital personal assistant like Google, Siri, Alexa, or Cortana? According to the latest announcements from … [Read more...]

Meet Scholabrate: the social network for academics

Navigating academia can be a hard journey. Often notoriety and the right publicity is what gets most scholars their standing and positions today. Many academics find themselves at a loss when it comes to finding the proper tools to network with their peers and get noticed within their community. Academic Social Networks … [Read more...]

5 tips on how to become your own boss

Entrepreneurship can be incredibly rewarding. It isn’t necessarily easy, but many find that the rewards more than make up for the challenges that it poses. If you are looking to become your own boss – whether on a full-time basis or in a part-time capacity – you may find these tips helpful. They can give you insight on … [Read more...]

4 tips for finding the best web hosting provider

Web hosting is the backbone of any good website. If anything goes wrong with your web hosting, it could have a dramatic and immediate impact on your business. However, there are so many web hosting providers these days that it can be hard to know which one to choose. In the following article, we'll present you with some of … [Read more...]

Android personal assistants: HTC U11’s Sense Companion vs Google Assistant

Having a personal assistant is a dream most people have, and the latest influx of Android personal assistant apps are an attempt to realize that popular dream. HTC’s U11 boasts a new and improved personal assistant app dubbed Sense Companion, and while it may be a new addition to HTC’s long list of great features it is by … [Read more...]

Snaappy makes everyday communication a bit more fun and revealing

Have you ever wondered how technology has affected the way we communicate? I mean, we’ve definitely come a long way from the rotary phone and string & cup calling system. Between sending embarrassing videos that disappear after ten seconds, to texting each other constantly, the mobile phone and all the applications that … [Read more...]

This startup claims to be the missing link in the financial blockchain

If you ask me, the blockchain ecosystem has had two major, technology defining moments. The first was, of course, the creation of Bitcoin, the original blockchain. The second was the creation of Ethereum, the virtual machine that has made blockchain based services increasingly common in the past year. Most services we hear … [Read more...]

The most common branding mistakes made by marketers

Online marketing is a complex activity. Besides the quick advancements of the digital environment, technology is rising at great speeds. Nowadays, everyone has a phone that can access the entire web database. That is why the online medium is the best environment in which businesses can promote their products to an almost … [Read more...]

Rydar wants to make the sharing economy a little more fair

Ah, the sharing economy. It’s changed all our lives for the better. We can stay at people’s apartments, order food from anywhere we want, and, of course, zip around in our Uber to anywhere and everywhere for a fraction of the price we paid for cabs. Regular cab services used to be a sort of cartel, offering fixed prices and … [Read more...]

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