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Hey! Its been a hot minute since my last post so I wanted to take some time to provide an update to everyone. Over the last three months I've been pushing ahead with my new business venture, Hype Lab, a forward-thinking PR firm that I've partnered with veteran PR exec and former tech journalist Matt Pressberg on.

We've built Hype Lab specifically with tech startups, Web3, NFTs, and Miami in mind. We’re not your traditional PR shop. Our strategy first and tactics second approach means we tailor our work towards your needs, resulting in getting you the most bang for your buck. As startup founders ourselves, we understand the importance of effective PR in delivering the story of what you’re building to your most impactful audiences. We know what it takes to succeed from all sides of the table.

In addition to Hype Lab I've also started working on my very own NFT project: crypto cackles (we're bringing laughs and jokes to the blockchain). As of right now we're in the process of animating the 101 laughing hyenas and are finishing recording each of the [unique] laugh tracks for each hyena. Oh, and we're also recording a documentary. This project is going to be off the chain (but on the blockchain)! πŸ€ͺ

By the way, a little bit of breaking news: crypto cackles will officially be launching on Coinbase NFT so stay tuned for more details.

Needless to say both of these things have been keeping me quite busy!

Going forward I'll be continuing to blog right here on BestTechie with my thoughts, experiments, and experiences in PR, tech startups, Web3, and NFTs but as of now I will not be able to cover the space as I once was. There simply aren't enough hours in the day, unfortunately. I'd definitely recommend checking out Refresh Miami which does a fantastic job of covering Miami Tech and I'm hopeful we'll see more major publications start sharing more Miami Tech stories. I'm definitely working on that very thing with Hype Lab – so if you're interested in working together feel free to reach out!

If you've been a subscriber of BestTechie Plus, I want to say thank you for your support! It means more than you know. Being that I'm not working on this full-time anymore, if you would like to cancel your subscription to BestTechie Plus you can do so via your account page.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the U.S. subscribers! Happy Holidays to everyone else! Read on for a cool event that will happening at The LAB Miami on December 18th, 2021.

Dec 18th Kamp speaker list.

I met Phil Castro on Clubhouse and was really impressed. He's a talented founder building an awesome events organization. His company, Kamp, is bringing its show to Miami starting next month (December 18th, 2021). I'll be there helping out and would love to see you there too!

Kamp has been known to throw the best startup events (helped thousands of founders nationwide) around the country in the past few years. Their new series, "Day Kamp" is coming to The LAB Miami on Dec 18th! If you are an early stage founder of any kind, you don't want to miss this all day experience.

Day Kamp includes all day education, a killer line up of guest speakers, networking, an investor panel, pitching, and a networking happy hour finale. Think of an all day party atmosphere where you get your learning and networking on, pretty intense huh!?

Be sure to grab your spot today for their Miami Day Kamp on Dec 18th. Reserve your spot here!! (use code "pop" for 20% off all tickets)

Questions? Call or text 312-463-9001

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