Founded in May 2003 by Jeff Weisbein, the mission of BestTechie is to simplify technology. Everyday we are saturated by technology and inherently affected by the decisions happening in the technology industry. At BestTechie, we want to unveil the human truths behind what makes our technological lives tick. By understanding the advances around us, we can make more informed and confident decisions. BestTechie strives to provide superior insight into the vast world of technology.

Jeff Weisbein / Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Jeff’s journey into technology, startups, and digital media began at the age of 13, which is when he started BestTechie. While in school, he built BestTechie into a digital media company where he is responsible for leading a team of journalists, editing, planning and creating content, as well as interviewing various executives for stories. In addition to BestTechie, he’s a graduate of the Harvard Business Analytics Program and has also been published on various online publications including Business 2 Community, Media Shift, PerformanceIN, and Creator (by WeWork). He’s also been featured in TechCrunch, The Washington Post, The Next Web, Cheddar, Forbes, Lifehacker, FitSmallBusiness.com, and Product Hunt. When he’s not neck deep in technology, you can find him at his apartment spending time with his wife and his two cats: Zuck (yes, named after Mark Zuckerberg) and Nala. He’s also a native New Yorker.