BestTechie was founded in May 2003 by Jeff Weisbein. Our mission is to simplify technology. Everyday we are saturated by technology and inherently affected by the decisions happening in the technology industry. At BestTechie, we want to unveil the human truths behind what makes our technological lives tick. By understanding the advances around us, we can make more informed and confident decisions. BestTechie strives to provide superior insight into the vast world of technology.

Jeff Weisbein / Founder & CEO

Jeff is the big boss man, when he’s not busy covering tech news and talking with startups, you can find him at his apartment with his girlfriend and his two cats: Zuck (yes, named after Mark Zuckerberg) and Nala.  He’s also a native New Yorker.

Past BestTechie Staff

shawnShawn Farner / Writer

Shawn roams the badlands for the latest tech news, he loves to cover consumer technology including electronics and web services.  When he’s not reporting news, he’s usually writing some excellent opinion piece.


cassieCassie Slane / Writer

Cassie loves to report on the latest social trends, startups, and apps. She is also known around here for her killer interviews that provide the latest looks into the tech industry.  And as a mom, she ensures we are all on our best behavior.


brian-p-rubinBrian P. Rubin / Writer

Brian can cover pretty much anything thrown his way, from web services and video games to reporting on the latest tech acquisitions — he’s a machine (well, not literally). The fact that he’s in a band and has had the opportunity to write for Trivial Pursuit also makes him cooler than most people. His biggest secret is that he would love to own a Microsoft Surface Pro.


brian-houghBrian Hough / Writer

Brian loves to cover anything from hardware to software, and he always has his ear close to the ground waiting for news to break. In fact, he’s so quick to report on stories we call him Brian “the Lightning” Hough — just kidding, but we should.


landonLandon Robinson / Writer

Landon pretty much always has a game controller in hand, though when he’s not gaming, he loves to write about apps, gadgets, and other Internet-releated topics. And when he’s not covering tech or playing games, chances are you can find him kicking back with some Irish lager or running the streets of North Carolina.