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Looks like Google is getting into the speed test game

It wasn't too long ago that Netflix launched, a site that tests the speed of your internet connection. But even before existed there were a number of internet speed test sites including which is arguably [still] the most popular speed test destination for people looking to see how fast their … [Read more...]

How To Set Up AMP for WordPress

Recently, Google unveiled their Accelerated Mobile Pages project (also known as AMP). The open source project aims to make the mobile web faster by creating a less-flashy, less-cluttered way to view content on your phone. The idea, as with many open source projects, is to create a vibrant and healthy community around AMP … [Read more...]

The Best Custom ROMs for Android

Google’s operating system for smartphones, Android, runs on most of the smartphones in the world. In fact, there are more than 1 billion active Android users around the globe. So if one thing is clear, it's that people like Android. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people like Android is because it's open source, which … [Read more...]

Tit for Tat: It’s Crazy How Much Apple and Google Are Alike

The Apple event in early September and the Google event at the end of the month marked two of the most significant events in the tech world’s yearly calendar. Both technology companies announced the arrival of some of their most innovative work yet; certain products have already come to market while others will be released … [Read more...]

These Are The Countries With The Least Access to Internet

I remember my first Internet sessions -- it was in mid-1990s, my parents had this big beige Dell tower and massive CRT monitor setup in our basement. I was very fortunate because we had two phone lines in my house which meant I didn't have to get off the Internet when the phone rang. Anyway, back to my first Internet … [Read more...]

Self-Driving Cars Could Give You Back More Than 100 Hours Per Year

Autonomous, or “self-driving”, cars have been one of the most-anticipated advances in technology since the early days of the 1950’s. Unlike flying cars and nuclear-powered automobiles, two other prognostications that seem as farfetched today as they did back then, driverless cars are actually poised to reach our roads … [Read more...]

Humans vs Machines: Which Translator is Better?

Language translation is an often necessary practice for various endeavors in the world. From negotiating foreign business deals to educational settings to understanding information contained in important documents, language translation is a trend that shows a potential of nothing but increase in the coming years. Such a … [Read more...]

If Twitter Is for Sale, Selling to Google Isn’t the Answer

With the Jack Dorsey back in the CEO-seat at Twitter and the company's recent lackluster earnings report analysts are starting to speculate that Twitter is for sale. The rumors are pointing towards Google being the most likely (or at the very least, best) candidate to acquire Twitter. Now, I don't know whether Twitter is or … [Read more...]

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