— Landon Robinson

Landon is BestTechie's Director of Video. He currently lives in North Carolina, where he plays video games, runs, writes and scours the world for every last edible nacho.

TV Streaming Company Aereo Loses to Supreme Court Over Right to Operate

Earlier today, the United States Supreme Court issued a very damning ruling for TV streaming service Aereo, and other major network broadcasters. The court ruled that it will reverse the recent ruling that Aereo was within its rights given by the Copyright Act, and, as a result, will not be allowed to continue … [Read more...]

Report: Google to Unveil Android-Based In-Car Operating System to Compete with Apple CarPlay

Courtesy of a report on Automotive News this week, it appears that Google is developing its own in-car operating system to compete with Apple’s recently unveiled CarPlay project. The project, going under the name Google Auto Link (GAL), will reportedly be unveiled at its annual developers conference next month, and will … [Read more...]

Apple TV Could Get Continuity Features with iOS 8 and Yosemite Soon

The latest and greatest feature of Apple’s newly unveiled iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite, Continuity, allows for true, simultaneous data continuity across all of your Apple devices: your handset, your tablet, and your computer. But if a new report on 9to5Mac is to be believed this afternoon, then Apple TV owners might very soon … [Read more...]

Google Fiber Cleared to Set Up Shop in Portland, Oregon

The most anticipated Internet service in the land, Google Fiber, has now been cleared to operate in Portland, Oregon, courtesy of an approved franchise agreement by the Portland City Council. As part of this arrangement, Google Fiber can offer its standard slate of services to customers in the Portland area, and would … [Read more...]

The First Portable Steam Machine is Called The SteamBoy

Even though the Steam Machines project has been delayed by a year by Valve and its partners, that doesn't mean we can’t still hear more news about it. The SteamBoy, unveiled at last week’s E3 2014, the biggest annual news conference in the video game industry, is the first mobile, play on-the-go Steam Machine to be … [Read more...]

Amazon Teases Potential Smartphone Announcement for June 18

To say we've been excessively teased about an Amazon-built smartphone as of late would be an understatement. And with the release of the teaser video below via Amazon’s YouTube channel, such a reveal seems closer than ever. On June 18, in Amazon’s home of Seattle, Washington, the company will unveil their latest project, … [Read more...]

Valve’s Steam Machines Gaming PCs for the Living Room Delayed Until 2015

Video game company and Steam creator Valve Software has delayed the launch of its Steam Machines program to 2015. Initially set to release this year, the company’s gaming PCs for the living room will now be available as early as next year. Valve made the announcement in an unconventional way (well, not for them), by … [Read more...]

Facebook Changes Default Privacy Settings to “Friends Only” Instead of “Public,” And More

Facebook is rolling back one of their long-standing privacy policies on its network. Starting today, your default privacy settings on Facebook (when you launch a new account) will be set to share with “Friends Only,” instead of publicly for the world to see. If you have an existing account, you can change your settings … [Read more...]

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