Don’t assume apps are safe: why app security is becoming crucial

As the app world continues to grow and become a more complex beast, the threat of attacks from cyber criminals naturally becomes more acute. Indeed, while it was once assumed that mobile apps were less of a target than insecure websites, it's now clear that isn't the case. Take, for example, the recent … [Read more...]

This hidden iOS 10 feature will make you jump for joy

We all get tons of notifications on our iPhones--it's just inevitable as you install more apps and/or if you are just super popular. And most of the time you glance at the notification and then it just sits in notification purgatory along with perhaps days and days of other old notifications. It used to be … [Read more...]

The best iOS email app just came to the iPad and it’s wonderful

Back in May I downloaded a new email app made by productivity software company, EasilyDo. I didn't know what to expect necessarily, but the reviews I had read thus far had been very positive. I had downloaded new email apps in the past, using them for a while, only to find myself back to using Apple Mail not … [Read more...]

What’s the best WordPress publishing app?

So you run a site using WordPress and you want to write content on-the-go with your iPad or iPhone, but what's the best app to use to publish? Sure there is the standard WordPress for iOS app and there are others such as Blogo, but lately I've found the best solution to be an app called … [Read more...]

Have the ultimate brainstorming session with Cronycle

Most, if not all, people these days spend a huge amount of their time on their smartphones doing everything from communicating, playing games, scrolling through social networks, discovering new information and collaborating on projects. As a writer, it’s important for me to keep up-to-date on trending topics … [Read more...]

This Google Chrome Easter Egg Will Keep You Entertained For Hours

I have to give credit to Mandy for finding this amazing little easter egg in Google Chrome for iOS while we were sitting on the subway (without any network access) on the way to my soccer game today. For whatever the reason, she randomly pressed on that little t-rex that appears in Chrome when you're not … [Read more...]

Now You Can Receive Incoming Calls for Free With This Awesome App

Transcribing interviews can be the bane of many journalist’s existences. It’s a slow and tedious process that is often of critical importance, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to share with you an amazing app called Call Recorder by Yallo. Call Recorder allows you to record incoming and outgoing … [Read more...]

What’s The Best Ad Blocker for iOS?

In September 2015 Apple released iOS 9, the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad. One of the new features included in the latest release is something called “Content Blocking.” As the name implies, the feature lets developers build apps that can block … [Read more...]

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