If you are using iOS 8 it’s fairly easy to see which apps you use the most on your iPhone. In fact, you can break down the usage for the past 24 hours and also the past 7 days. Here’s how to see which apps you use most on iOS.

Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

Before I go any further, I should note that this doesn’t show actual app usage, but rather how much battery a particular app used. Obviously, the thought process here is that apps you use more will use more battery. If you know a better way to see which apps you use most, let me know.

Once you are on that page in the Settings, you’ll see a list like the one below which from my iPhone:



It’s interesting to note how 20 percent of my battery usage over the past 7 days has been on the home screen, which, if you have been reading this site for a while I called the most valuable screen in mobile back in 2013. It appears that is still true. My recent usage also shows that I’ve been using Google Photos a lot recently (which is true) along with several of the usual suspects: Tweetbot (will they please update the Mac app already?), Instagram, Messages, Mail, and the Camera app.

Anyway, which apps do you use most? Let me know in the comments!

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