Which type of broadband plan is best for you?

It’s not unusual for a household to consume hundreds of GB of data per month. Heavy users who regularly do online video streaming can even go over 1TB per month. Thanks to HD and 4K videos as well as faster connection speeds, it’s easy to use up tremendous amounts of data to quickly go over the allotted data … [Read more...]

8 lead generation strategies to propel your business into success

With today’s online marketplace being extremely competitive, it can be hard finding creative means to come up with solid lead generation strategies. But, generating leads doesn’t have to be daunting or overly complicated. Here are some simple strategies that can help you generate some leads that will ensure … [Read more...]

How iGaming is putting the needs of the players first

Most modern businesses are designed around keeping the most uninformed, unappreciative, and underprivileged customers happy. For this reason, mobile apps are built with technophobes in mind, support lines always begin with the basics, and good stores are versatile enough to accept niche payment … [Read more...]

Gaming gadgets you didn’t know you needed but you do

With the overabundance of gaming gadgets on the market, it’s hard to know just what exactly will enhance your gaming zone most effectively. Here are five gadgets that will raise your entertainment system to paradise levels. iQ Gravity Speaker This futuristic looking floating orb is actually a speaker, … [Read more...]

Don’t assume apps are safe: why app security is becoming crucial

As the app world continues to grow and become a more complex beast, the threat of attacks from cyber criminals naturally becomes more acute. Indeed, while it was once assumed that mobile apps were less of a target than insecure websites, it's now clear that isn't the case. Take, for example, the recent … [Read more...]

How virtual reality gadgets are changing online gaming

Video game technology has drastically evolved over the past 50 years. Who can remember being excited to play PONG or playing Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy? Gamers today would take one look at that technology and wonder why they are being punished. They've been playing realistic, cutting edge games on the … [Read more...]

Why you need to make collaboration a core value in your startup

While developing a strong product and a lean team that can work efficiently is very important, constructing a corporate culture is also a key foundation to have. A startup can only be successful when it is a fun and friendly environment for each team member to grow, and this can only be achieved with the … [Read more...]

Do wearables make us obsess over tracking?

Once upon a time we rose with the dawn and worked in the fields. We ate food which was fresh, local and unadulterated. If we didn’t die of an illness which would be easily cured today, we lived to a ripe old age. Today we work in offices, sitting down for most of the day. We eat food from around the world, … [Read more...]

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