Don’t assume apps are safe: why app security is becoming crucial

As the app world continues to grow and become a more complex beast, the threat of attacks from cyber criminals naturally becomes more acute. Indeed, while it was once assumed that mobile apps were less of a target than insecure websites, it's now clear that isn't the case. Take, for example, the recent … [Read more...]

Octopus attempts to wrap its tentacles around total security

In today’s world it seems that everywhere you go, you run into some form of security. In banks, schools, and even malls, we have cameras capturing our every movement on CCTV, security officials and sometimes even police officers guarding entrances and maneuvering through the crowds assessing the situation. At … [Read more...]

A Smartphone Never Forgets: Surveillance In The Digital Era

Surveillance in the digital era has emerged as a far different beast than it was back when the government had to tap household phones or monitor mail correspondence to gain access to our private lives. Today's constant, rapid use of social media, digital communications and online message boards makes … [Read more...]

Will Technology Bring an End to ID Fraud? AU10TIX Thinks So

The world today is completely wired online. People like me and others who are working in the tech industry know this to be a forgone conclusion. Everything from reading the news to ordering groceries has moved to the Internet. If you are one who still ventures to stores for shopping, technology is right … [Read more...]

All I Want For Christmas Is… Safe Online Shopping

The holiday season is upon us and that means there’s a lot of last minute shopping going on, especially online shopping. Even those of us who don’t normally do a lot of our shopping online tend to do so this time of year in order to beat the crowds and take advantage of fast shipping to make sure that gifts … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Xbox Live Account More Secure

There have been recent issues with Xbox Live accounts being hacked, so security should be on the mind of gamers who use the Xbox platform. If a gaming account is hacked then it can create issues with payments, account access, and often involves takes time to deal with Xbox support. Here are a few ways to … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Boost Security in the Telco Cloud

As cloud-based applications grow increasingly popular, there are security concerns that arise. The cloud environment may seem unlimited in its scope, and it certainly provides a convenient way to access data anywhere. Yet this same accessibility can be a security concern for some. Sending your data out there … [Read more...]

6 Smart Security Gadgets You Need to Know About

Thanks to the blistering pace of technological innovations, we’d have to wade through pile after pile of news about the latest gadgets before we can find what we and our family need the most: security gadgets. To save you time and from confusion, we’ve selected a few of the new breed of security gadgets … [Read more...]

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