How Twitter can teach you about gaming

Social media applications are part of this century’s most astounding developments, and Twitter is one of this generation’s most-used global connection apps. Users are now learning anything and everything via applications, and being able to connect with other users across the world in just a few clicks makes it even easier … [Read more...]

How To Use Live Tweeting to Boost Your Brand

Fundraisers, conferences, and even live television events, have long been invaluable methods that companies use to promote themselves and grow their networks. While this is still a great way to produce small-scale brand awareness, nowadays, employing social networks to broaden your visibility during these events is a must. … [Read more...]

15 Hot Public Tech Companies That Are Losing Millions

If there is one that is clear about the tech industry it is that it's the future. Technology is enabling change in pretty much every facet of life and in terms of the business world, the use of technology is critically important to stay ahead of your competitors. That being said, some people inside (and outside) the … [Read more...]

What If Popular Video Game Characters Had Twitter

Ever wonder what the world would be like if some of our favorite video game characters had Twitter accounts? Of course you do! For starters, it would definitely be a lot more entertaining. Popular YouTube channel, The Warp Zone, decided to take on the challenge in their latest video.  The video is an insightful look into … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Nails The Reason Why Linus Torvalds Is An Angry Man

Back in January Taylor Swift, well, InfoSec Taylor Swift (if there is in fact an actual difference between the two it's not 100% clear) sent out a tweet about Linus Torvalds, and if you don't know who he is, Google it (hint: he invented the Linux kernel). Anyway this tweet is pure gold (and those in the tech space are sure … [Read more...]

If Twitter Is for Sale, Selling to Google Isn’t the Answer

With the Jack Dorsey back in the CEO-seat at Twitter and the company's recent lackluster earnings report analysts are starting to speculate that Twitter is for sale. The rumors are pointing towards Google being the most likely (or at the very least, best) candidate to acquire Twitter. Now, I don't know whether Twitter is or … [Read more...]

The #BringReadWriteBack Campaign Traction Is Disheartening

Let me preface this post by saying, I hope this isn't an indicator of how the Bring ReadWrite Back campaign ultimately goes. Nonetheless, it's not looking promising at the moment. ReadWrite was founded by Richard MacManus in 2003 (that's actually the same year I founded BestTechie), he sold the site a few years back to a … [Read more...]

Domino’s Lets You Order a Pizza in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible

Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle says, "It's the epitome of convenience." I think it's silly. I'm talking about the newest way to order a pizza from Domino's -- via tweet. But here's where things get ultra-weird. You can either send a tweet to Domino's using #EasyOrder... or you can send the pizza emoji. This … [Read more...]

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