Branding is important for everyone for creating a lasting impression on the minds of their clients and using Twitter for this is a good approach. The issue here is that people are often times not sure how to handle this platform as they are either too cautious or share too much.

In this post, we will talk about 7 crucial points that will help you in creating your personal brand on Twitter.

1. Your Twitter username should be great

When building a personal brand on Twitter, usually you will want your Twitter username to be professional so that people know you are serious. Try to register a username that is memorable and embodies you and the persona you want to have on the social network. 

Some points to remember:

  • A handle that has a hint of humor works, but using @gimmecomics200 as a username is a big no–mostly because it can be hard to remember. You don’t want people asking, “was it gimmiecomics200 or gimmiecomics100?”
  • If you run a blog/website of your own, you can use its name as your Twitter username. This offers an added benefit to your blog/website as it makes the Twitter account also seem much more like a person, as opposed to a rigid brand.
  • If all else fails and you’re having difficulty coming up with a username, sometimes the best bet is to just keep it simple and use your name. One thing you will want to avoid though is constantly changing your username as it may result in losing you followers.

2. Build an effective profile and use a good cover and profile image

A great profile is important for people to remember you and for this you need to include proper and apt details along with a good cover and display image. Points to remember are:

  • Have a great cover photo and make sure that it is same throughout all social media accounts you have. You can use a service like Canva to create an amazing Twitter cover photo designed specifically for you.
  • A clear and professional profile photo. A good profile photo’s importance can sometimes be overlooked–remember, people will be looking at their Twitter feed and often times identify you by your profile photo so make sure it’s something you’re proud. 
  • Mention your name in the bio and write a little introduction about yourself. Keep it clear and concise, explain what you’re passionate about. This will help like-minded individuals find and want to follow you. 
  • Link it to your other social media pages.
  • If you have a blog/YouTube channel or website, link to it as well.
  • Check out my Twitter profile to see how all these tips can come together. 
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3. Be consistent with your posts and replies

When you are new and trying to build your personal brand on Twitter, it is imperative that you are active on it. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 followers or 10 thousand followers, you need to provide fresh content consistently and also engage with your followers. A good way to do this is by replying to all the comments or as many as possible.

Initially, this strategy works but after you have a lot of followers, replying to each of them is not feasible, at that time you can do a 20/60 question- answer rounds or try replying to maximum followers.

Setting a routine and posting content accordingly works best or if you have uploaded a new blog or video, post around the time it is being uploaded.

Check out Lily Singh’s twitter handle @IISuperwoman where she always starts a 60 questions session after uploading her new video, which not only promotes her video on twitter but also lets her interact with her audience.

4. Follow influencers of your industry and other active people

Every industry has some influencer who has a thousand of followers; you too need to follow them not just so that their followers can follow you back, but also so that you can learn something from them.

Also, engage with them by starting a conversation. It can be as simple as a hello–the important part is to initiate a conversation that will help you become visible to them. The same goes for their followers, try and talk with them by replying to their tweets with thoughts or comments of your own with the intent to start a conversation. 

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5. Get involved in chats and debates

One of the best ways to get visibility amongst people, and make them notice your brand is to take part in chats and debate that twitter occasionally sees. This is the best way to meet like-minded people and increase the number of your followers. There are many Twitter chats out there on a wide range of topics, check out this site to find some that may interest you. 

6. Sometimes tweet things about your personal life too

No one just wants to see where you work or hear about your work constantly. Thus, it is crucial that you post a little about your personal life too. An image or tweet about that desert safari you took makes your follower feel like your family which helps to strengthen the bond between you and your followers.

7. A little bragging is good

A little bragging is good for your brand image as it adds value to your bio letting people believe that you have accomplished something, and following you would yield something for them. So, if you got an award or your article got featured in a magazine or you got a new job, don’t be afraid to tweet about it. 

In conclusion, Twitter is the best tool for building your brand; just be authentic and honest and you have followers in no time.

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