Meanwhile @Twitter: Internal discussions about banning Donald Trump

The Verge is reporting that there have been talks inside Twitter to ban Donald Trump from the platform:

In the weeks leading up to Trump’s inauguration, that debate has only intensified. Some of Trump’s tweets, notably his erratic tweets about nuclear policy, have generated calls for Twitter to ban the president-elect from the platform. Those discussions are now taking place inside Twitter as well, a current employee familiar with the matter told The Verge. ‘Banning is definitely a conversation that people are having, but only because we have to have the conversation,’ the employee said. But a ban seems unlikely, this person said. ‘It would take something really deplorable for a ban, and I highly doubt even Trump is that stupid.’

But at the same time, it seems employees of the company realize Donald Trump is actually using Twitter the way it was intended to be used:

Even as employees lament the role their platform played in Trump’s rise, they acknowledge that in some ways he has been good for the company. Twitter was designed to let users communicate directly with a large audience; that the most powerful man in the world does so would seem to speak well of the product. “It’s nice to feel like Twitter is doing what it was meant to do, i.e., bring news from the horse’s mouth,” one employee said. “Unfortunately, that horse is Trump.”

All I have to say is that I wouldn’t miss his tweets in my feed one bit.

(via The Verge.)

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