JetBlue completes Fly-Fi rollout, free high-speed Wi-Fi now on all planes

TechCrunch reporting that JetBlue has finally completed its multi-year rollout of Fly-Fi to all of its airplanes:

JetBlue today announced that it has officially completed its fleet-wide rollout of Fly-Fi, bringing free wireless internet to all of its planes. The carrier first introduced the service in late 2013, bringing speeds of around 12 to 15Mbps — far surprising the wireless offerings available on other domestic flights at the time.

I can’t remember the last time I was on a JetBlue flight without Fly-Fi. I thought it had been completely rolled out by now–it appears not. That being said, I love Fly-Fi — but I usually find myself paying for it (to get better speeds) for at least a portion of most flights.

(via TechCrunch.)

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