— Cassie Slane

Cassie Slane is a technology and consumer products expert and appears as an electronics guest on QVC and Philly's Fox 29 Channel. She has been a producer and writer for major media outlets including Bloomberg News, CNBC, and CNN.

These Smartphone and Tablet Accessories Are Sure to Please

If you're short on gift ideas this holiday season, we've got you covered.  Most people have a smartphone or tablet these days, so why not pick up one of the hottest accessories of 2014 for your loved one's device?  Here are our picks for the top four smartphone and tablet accessories for 2014: 1) Spider Monkey The … [Read more...]

Boxes Is a Find For Collectors

Boxes started out an idea to help people organize their stuff in a really sleek and easy-to-use to design.  What it's turned out to be, however, is social network for collectors and fashionistas, plus a whole lot more. The iOS app, which officially launched last summer, allows you to catalogue all of your items in an … [Read more...]

Real Food Works Is the ‘Uber For Food’

When serial tech entrepreneur Lucina Duncalfe was eating lunch in a deserted restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon in Philadelphia, a lightbulb went off in her head.  Why couldn't the restaurant make food during their slow period that could be delivered to customers?  A few months later, Real Food Works was born. Real Food … [Read more...]

Fab Announces Hem, Customizable Home Furnishings

Online retailer Fab announced that it will be launching a new brand called Hem for “private label furnishings."  Similar to the company's recent refocus on selling its own products instead of other brands, Hem will carry its own line of furnishings in partnership with individual designers. Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO … [Read more...]

How Clutch Is Turning Loyalty Programs On Their Head

The problem with loyalty programs is that they aren't always loyal to the right people.  The customers that spend the most money and are the most loyal to the brand aren't always the ones that get the best discounts.  Clutch realized that this wasn't good for business and through its own platform, gave brands the tools to … [Read more...]

TicketLeap Focuses On Experiences to Fend Off Competition

The idea that you could get a ticket from someplace other than Ticketmaster was a novel concept ten years ago, but today there are dozens of online ticketing services to choose from including EventBrite and Brown Paper Tickets.  TicketLeap, which was one of the first in the space, is shifting its focus to experiences by … [Read more...]

Delectable Update Allows Instant Image Recognition of Wines

Wouldn't it be great to walk into a wine store and immediately know what wines were good and which ones were a rip off?  Delectable, a wine app for iOS,  has released 4.0, allowing users to take a snapshot of a wine label and instantly learn about a wine within seconds.   Delectable's previous version took a few minutes … [Read more...]

Automatic Updates iOS Alerting Drivers When They’re Low on Gas

Automatic, the smart driving assistant that gives drivers information about fuel economy and car problems, has updated its iOS app to give users even more information about their car including notifications when they're low on fuel or driving too fast. Automatic 2.0 is the first major update to the iOS app since it was … [Read more...]

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