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If you’re short on gift ideas this holiday season, we’ve got you covered.  Most people have a smartphone or tablet these days, so why not pick up one of the hottest accessories of 2014 for your loved one’s device?  Here are our picks for the top four smartphone and tablet accessories for 2014:

1) Spider Monkey


The Spider Monkey by Octa is the creme de la creme of tablet holders.  For $79.99, the Spider Monkey will hold any iPad, tablet or e-reader and let you wrap, curl or tuck your tablet in place for a completely hands-free experience.  The adjustable base rotates 360° for easy screen adjustment and also works with Octa’s entire TabletTail system.  Octa is a newcomer to the space, launching a successful KickStarter campaign earlier in the year.  The company also offers the Lynx, which can be connected to flat, round or irregular surfaces for $99.99.  Bottom line, if you are sick of straining your neck while reading or watching a movie on your tablet, one of these accessories by Octa will be a gift that keeps on giving.

2) Solace Case


The Solace case is the latest and arguably one of the most luxurious cases for the iPhone 6 that is on the market today.  Released in mid-November, Solace case retails at $99.99 and is part of Element Case’s luxe line of cases.  Solace comes in gold, white, turquoise and carbon black and is made out of anodized CNC aluminum.  If you are looking for a high-end case for your newest iPhone 6 owner, the Solace case is about as sleek as you can get.

3) Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand


The Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand is one of the most versatile stands on the market today.  At $29.95, the GorillaPod stand fits most smartphones and comes in five colors.  Personally, I love it because it makes it easier to see recipes while I’m cooking and watching videos while I’m folding laundry.  Joby makes a number of stands for almost every device you can think of from GoPro cameras to smaller point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras.  Any photographer or owner of a smartphone will find it hard to believe that they lived without this nifty stand.

4)  Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard


Microsoft’s Universal Keyboard is one of the most versatile gifts you can get someone this holiday season.  At $79.95, it’s productive, portable and able to be paired with up to 3 devices.  This keyboard allows the freedom to interchangeably type on tablets or phones running Windows, Android or iOS.  If you have a tablet and frequently find yourself struggling to type an email, the Microsoft Universal Keyboard is a sure bet.

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