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4 companies that have embraced new technologies to improve efficiency

Technology lets businesses increase productivity while they provide better, more meaningful service to customers and clients. Of course, in this day and age, technology can change within months. So which companies are utilizing the most groundbreaking technologies like 3-D printing, robotics, nanotech and … [Read more...]

8 lead generation strategies to propel your business into success

With today’s online marketplace being extremely competitive, it can be hard finding creative means to come up with solid lead generation strategies. But, generating leads doesn’t have to be daunting or overly complicated. Here are some simple strategies that can help you generate some leads that will ensure … [Read more...]

5 reasons why building trust is vital for e-commerce conversions

When purchases are made face-to-face, we can easily make decisions about trust. The retailer has a store, and we can interact with a product (see it, touch it, looking at detail) before we make a decision to buy. And, if we have an issue after the purchase, we know where to find that retailer. When we make … [Read more...]

How iGaming is putting the needs of the players first

Most modern businesses are designed around keeping the most uninformed, unappreciative, and underprivileged customers happy. For this reason, mobile apps are built with technophobes in mind, support lines always begin with the basics, and good stores are versatile enough to accept niche payment … [Read more...]

How Cloud Technology Is Changing The Way We Do Business

Cloud technologies can push your business’ capabilities to new levels. Every aspect of business has evolved as the cloud permeates our culture. Increasing amounts of data fuels the cloud as it grows with demand, offering you fast and innovative ways to leverage information as a competitive … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Travel to Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered why businessmen/women and people on the high rung of the corporate ladder love to travel? They do get around a lot, even outside of business trips and seminar, you get to see these types of business-oriented people travel all over the globe. Here are five reasons why: 1. Travel … [Read more...]

These Two Charts Show How Apple and Google Approach Innovation Differently

This past week Apple confirmed it acquired a company called LearnSprout, an educational software company. To me, that's not inherently interesting, however, what is interesting to me is what I found when I decided to take a look at the number of acquisitions both Apple and Google have made since 2006. The … [Read more...]

How To Find Customers That Are A Perfect Fit for Your Business

Prospecting for clients is often likened to some sort of mystical art. Many businesses approach it pretty randomly, without a clear strategy. But shooting darts in the dark and hoping to draw at least somebody’s attention isn’t exactly the most productive way of finding customers. Let’s face it, there is … [Read more...]

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