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I started remote work in 2019 as a second job. I'd pack my bag and walk over to a nearby café that I had deemed the perfect place to work. There were high countertops with outlets and seating (and discounted coffee for regulars). On occasion, I'd stand up from my seat to stretch my legs. The high countertops were perfect for this. There I was, amongst dozens of others who came with a purpose, a goal to accomplish. Once they were done they'd shut their laptops in satisfaction and head off to who-knows-where.

Then 2020 hit. My main job closed its doors. Even my favorite café, held so dear to my heart, shut down. So now it was time for me to go fully remote for work, but this time I'd be doing it in the confines of my apartment. Boy, did I not realize what a challenge the adjustment would be. It was difficult enough to adjust to everything else going on. So how did I cope? Netflix, food delivery, and Amazon orders galore. I set up a small corner in the main living space that was now "my office." Really, it was a hand-me-down desk by the window with a chair. But it got the job done. At least, for a little bit.

At the time I didn't fully grasp just how much sitting down all day was affecting me. My energy levels were plummeting, I was losing muscle mass, and my neck and back were always sore. Bed to chair to couch to bed, day in and day out. At the end of the day, I just didn't feel good. So it was at the turning point of the New Year I decided I needed a new desk. One that allowed me to be somewhat mobile, yet provided a space optimal for work.

That's where the Victor DCX760G comes in. I read the description, "Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray," and immediately memories of my favorite café came flooding back to me. I remembered how easy it was to get work done when I had the ability to move around. I didn't feel "stuck" in my seat. I had options – and that's exactly what this desk gives you.

Setting it up

Upon arrival of the standing desk, I was relieved to see that set up would be an absolute breeze. It took me all of five minutes to take the desk and keyboard tray out of the box and put them together. Then came the moment of truth – would this thing really stay secure if I'm moving it up and down every day? A simple pull of the lever hidden underneath the desk proved the answer: yes. It actually surprised me how smooth the movement of the desk was, and the adjustability is amazing.

The DCX760G comes with two felt bumpers that can be added to reduce noise from the keyboard tray if necessary. I have yet to notice any noise, though. Instead, I've been noticing my arms comfortably resting while I type, whether I'm sitting or standing. Did you know: Your arms should be at a 90° angle and your screen should be at eye level with the top of the screen while working? A hidden perk is that it also comes with four 3M cable management clips to keep any distracting wires organized and out of view! If you've read our article on cable management solutions, you know that it's extremely important to us, so it was nice to see that Victor had that concern in mind with this product.

Testing it out

Within days of using the standing desk for remote work, I noticed a change in the way my body and mind felt. My posture improved significantly, and the headaches from eye strain seemed to subside. I'd start the morning seated with my coffee and get cozy in my chair. As the caffeine started kicking in and a few hours passed, I found myself getting restless. Before, my initial thought would be to leave the room and change my scenery for a bit. Instead, I stood up and pushed my chair back, pulled the lever of my new standing desk to lift it and turned up the music on my Bluetooth speaker. Who says you can't dance and work at the same time?

Style-wise, this desk is sleek and modern. It'll blend in seamlessly to any surroundings. Even the coating on the desk is scratch-resistant and has a really nice feel to it. The split-level keyboard tray on the Victor DCX760G comes with slots to place your phone, tablet, or even pens and pencils so that they're out of the way, yet accessible. I'm a huge multitasker so that turned out to be extremely useful for me. Plus, having the monitor on a separate level provided the additional space that I didn't know I needed.

My "office" was really starting to feel like a genuine workspace! I could get up freely without feeling completely separated from what I was doing. And, surprisingly, it wasn't exhausting to stand. My energy levels and focus actually increased and I've been able to get more work done faster. My New Year's resolution for 2021 was to essentially live healthier. This desk turned out to be one of the best switches I've ever made, and one of the most unexpected contributors to my ability to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Here's to positive changes in 2021!

Plenty of us are new to working from home, so understandably it'll take some time before we've all found what works for us. If you've thought about trying a standing desk but aren't sure where to look, I'd highly recommend the Victor DCX760G, available on Amazon or on their site. Victor has plenty of other options to choose from, so you can feel good about the next investment you make for your work-from-home office! What investment have you recently made that was worth it to you? We'd love to hear from you!

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