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Here are the best laptop computers for college students in 2016

For students entering college, a laptop computer is no longer a luxury. In today's mobile world, students will fare best with a laptop that's small enough for travel, but powerful enough to handle the tasks associated with high-level academics. Two considerations – budget and durability – remain important for … [Read more...]

Apple has been “Rickrolling” all of us

We know both Jobs and Woz were pranksters. In fact, Jobs would talk about how the Blue boxes he and Woz built led to the eventual creation of Apple. And despite Jobs' death and Woz no longer working for Apple, it seems the company still has some of its founder's flare not only in terms of products but also … [Read more...]

Has Tim Cook’s Apple Peaked?

Following Apple’s first down quarter in over a decade and mixed reviews for the company’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference, an ominous question is making the rounds. Has Apple peaked? Ask four people this question, and you’ll get four different answers. “Apple peaked when [former CEO Steve] … [Read more...]

A Year With The Apple Watch

I wrote my original review of the Apple Watch on April 27, 2015 and for the most part I feel the review is spot on. My feelings about the Apple Watch today are essentially the same as my feelings towards the Apple Watch a year ago: I love it. But while some have been dismissive and/or overly critical of … [Read more...]

19 Must Have Mac Apps for Everyone

If you have a Mac and want to know which apps to install on it or perhaps you have some of these but are wondering what you are missing... Well, then, this article is for you. We're going to cover everything your Mac will need to get started. VLC Media Player (highly recommended): VLC is a free and … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Being Scammed When Buying A Used iPhone

Have you ever tried to buy a used iPhone and after searching the market and online stores you have come away frustrated and empty handed? You are not alone! If you search a term ‘used iPhone scam’ on the Google, you will find a lot of "horror" stories of the people who bought a used iPhone from eBay, … [Read more...]

Which Should You Buy: iPad Pro 12.9″ vs iPad Pro 9.7″

In November 2015 I decided to replace my iPad Air with an iPad mini 4, the decision wasn't necessarily a bad one, the mini 4 is an excellent tablet but the more I used it the more I realized it wasn't for me. I like to watch a lot of video content on my iPad either in the form of movies and TV shows through … [Read more...]

Poll Shows Americans Believe Apple Should Unlock the iPhone for the FBI

A recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that the majority of Americans appear to side with the FBI when it comes to whether or not Apple should unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter. What struck me as most interesting in all of these graphs is how even the majority of younger … [Read more...]

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