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The latest from Apple, the AirPods Max, are being released tomorrow – and luckily, I'm expecting a pair to arrive but–while I wait, here's some important questions I have and hopefully will have answers for soon.

How do they sound?

Perhaps the most important question for me and many, I'd imagine. I'm excited to test out the active noise cancelling and spatial audio features. I've tested both AirPods and AirPods Pro products in the past and while I had my fair share of issues with them, was overall impressed with their sound. That being said, I sincerely hope they didn't take anything from Beats to make these cans as I'm not a fan of Beats, at all.

Are they comfortable?

They certainly look comfortable. I really want to test out that new headband, I have a hunch it'll be more forgiving on my spiky hair. How do they feel after wearing them for extended periods of time? Do they stay placed firmly on your head when you move?

How will the digital crown compare to gestures?

This is something I'm particularly interested in. I'll be the first to say, I'm not a fan of gestures on headphones or earbuds. They always feel janky to me – too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I think the addition of the digital crown to the AirPods Max is a genius inclusion – love to see Apple taking their learnings from the Apple Watch and applying them to the AirPods Max.

How seamlessly do they switch between devices?

I'm imaging they will be as good as their older siblings, the AirPods and AirPods Pro but nonetheless, I'm still interested in seeing how well I can transition between listening on my iPhone and then my iPad and/or computer.

How does the battery life perform in the real world?

Pretty common question here, Apple claims they have 20 hours of listening time. We'll have to see how that claim lives up for me. I'm hopeful though.

All of these questions are important to me and will determine whether or not they're worth the $550 price tag. I'll be sure to talk about all of this (and more) in the upcoming review. Stay tuned!

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