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So you just received an App Store & iTunes gift card for your birthday. Or maybe you got it over the holidays from Aunt Sue and just haven’t used it yet because you weren’t sure of what to do with it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to redeem your gift cards quickly and on-the-go on iOS so you can use them right away (plus, you’ll learn all about what you’re able to get with them).

iTunes and App Store gift cards can be used towards so many things: in-app purchases, Apple Music subscriptions, Apple TV, Apple Books, Apple Arcade, movies, and even for buying more iCloud storage! Anyone else remember back in the day deciding whether to buy an entire album or 15 99¢ songs for your iPod Nano with your $15 iTunes gift card? Ah, nostalgia. I feel old.

Redeeming App Store & iTunes gift cards on iOS

First things first: if it’s a physical gift card, unpack the card and lightly scratch off the code (don’t be too rough). If you have a digital gift card, you can skip this step (unless you feel like pretending, no judgement here).

Go to your iPhone (or iPad) and choose the icon for the App Store

Tap the Sign-in button (or your account photo, they are the same) to view your account.

You should now be viewing your account, where you are provided multiple options. Here you can view your previous purchases and subscriptions, redeem gift cards, and add funds to your Apple ID.

Choose the button that says Redeem Gift Card or Code

You may choose the Use Camera feature to take a picture of your iTunes gift card, or you can manually enter the code. Then click Redeem at the top right.

That’s it.  You have now successfully redeemed your App Store & iTunes gift card. You can use your account balance for practically anything Apple with just a few taps and swipes, besides purchases made in the Apple Store.

Apple Store Gift Cards are an alternative gift card offered by Apple. They are even simpler to redeem! Simply bring your Apple Store gift card to retail Apple stores or redeem them on the online Apple store to use them or call 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE.

Now that you know just how fast and easy redeeming you gift cards are, be sure to lend your friends and family a hand if they’re struggling to redeem their App Store & iTunes gift cards on their iPhones (or Androids! You can use the gift cards on Androids, but for Apple Music subscriptions only). Tell them we sent you!

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