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Review: Crimson Case for iPhone 4

If there is one type of press release or review request I get a lot of, there is no doubt that I would put iPhone accessories towards the top of the list.  However, while I do get a lot of them, it’s rare that I take up offer to review the product and/or share the news.  Why?  Well, for one, many of the accessories are so similar, if you have seen one iPhone case chances are you have seen them all type of mentality.  How different can they really be?  So I try not to bore you guys with that type of stuff.

That being said, I recently received a press release from an iPhone case accessory (they tell me they have more products in the pipeline) company.  I open the email expecting to see the same old, same old.  But to my surprise what I saw was something new.  So I reply asking for a review unit and they happily oblige, a few days later a box appears at my doorstep.  It is the black Crimson Case for iPhone 4.  And it’s my favorite iPhone case to date.

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