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I know what you're thinking: I'm crazy. The last remotely social thing Apple tried was Ping and we all know how badly that failed. But things are different now. I'll explain.

The tides have turned against Facebook

People's feelings towards Facebook have shifted since 2010. They're a lot more negative now. Facebook knows this and I just don't see Clubhouse selling to Zuck for two main reasons: I don't think it would pass regulatory scrutiny under a Democratic controlled government and two, I just think it's a death wish which I believe Paul Davison (co-founder of Clubhouse) knows too.

Twitter is already building Spaces

It's unlikely Twitter would be interested in acquiring Clubhouse as they're already working on Twitter Spaces so count them out.

If Google acquired Clubhouse it'd also be a death wish

First, it's not sexy to acquired by Google anymore. The company has killed more products recently than they've launched. And second, Clubhouse doesn't even have an Android app.

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The case for an Apple acquisition

Here's why I think an Apple acquisition of Clubhouse would be the right move.

It's pretty simple really: exclusivity.

If Apple acquires Clubhouse it can maintain the exclusive feel of the app by opting to not offer an Android version of the app, they would be creating another selling point for the iPhone/iPad/iOS.

Come listen to conversations from the biggest leaders/celebrities in the world (ahem, Elon Musk, Mr. Beast, Kayne West,) and also find unique communities to call home online.

Apple could even use it as a marketing channel for Apple TV content. Host Q&As with the celebrities in their content. Or what about for Apple to announce / discuss earnings? The possibilities are endless.

What a massive blow that would be to Facebook and I know Apple would really love to stick it to them.

Plus, Apple has a more cash on hand than it knows what to do with.

An acquisition like this would give Paul Davison and Rohan Seth (Clubhouse co-founders) a fantastic exit and the ability to continue to build a stellar app while allowing it to keep its mystique.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop me a comment or a tweet. Also a reminder, I'll be dropping a new TechieBytes episode on Tuesday about the bear case for Clubhouse so stay tuned for that.

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