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Welcome to TechieBytes episode 78 titled Why you need to be on Clubhouse RIGHT NOW!

Today I’m talking about a new app that you may have heard of called Clubhouse. I’ll be answering important questions such as what is Clubhouse and why should you be on it? Plus, I’ll be presenting the bull case for why Clubhouse is the next big thing. Enjoy!

I'm also starting a South Florida Entrepreneur Scene club along with my new friend (whom I met on CH), Nicholas Mohnacky (@mohnacky on CH)! So if you're interested be sure to follow me on Clubhouse (@jeffweisbein) and join us tomorrow (2/10/21) at 3PM ET for the first ever installment.

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What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio hangouts app. If you’re familiar with Discord, it’s like Discord Voice chats but curated by the people you follow in the app. When you open the app, you’re presented with what Clubhouse user’s call their “Hallway” — it’s just how to describe the listing of voice channels you may be interested in joining.

You may also have heard that big names like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg hang out on the platform — that’s true, they both recently signed up. But them being on the platform isn’t why you should consider joining.

Here’s why I’m bullish on Clubhouse

  1. Early to the game -- no major competition — but that is changing, fast. Twitter is working on its competitor which is in early testing called Twitter Spaces. But everyone’s attention is already on Clubhouse.
  2. Lots of interesting users — I’ve already connected with fellow tech YouTuber’s and entrepreneurs. The community is definitely the best part of the app.
  3. UI/UX is decent -- basic but it works (I’ve heard the design and color scheme reminds people of Basecamp). Are there improvements that could be made? Sure, but for an early version of the app, it’s pretty polished.
  4. Audio quality is good but not great.
  5. Can do work while listening – multitasking and can use in the background.
  6. No DMs/messaging system.
  7. Can hear people's passion.
  8. No explore page makes things more organic.
  9. Voice is more authentic and off the cuff.
  10. No pressure to talk it's ok to just listen.
  11. Can leave quietly without worry.
  12. You don't need to be as present and don't need to show your face.
  13. Good practice for learning how to speak and hold conversations.
  14. Good for networking and meeting people.
  15. The small rooms are the best.
  16. You control your experience.

I’m also planning an episode where I’ll have Nate Elliott, who is currently working on content for Billbox, a startup launching this year, on to discuss the bear case for Clubhouse! So stay tuned for that!

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