Online retailer Fab announced that it will be launching a new brand called Hem for “private label furnishings.”  Similar to the company’s recent refocus on selling its own products instead of other brands, Hem will carry its own line of furnishings in partnership with individual designers.

Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of Fab, said on Twitter that the new Hem portal will be a spin-off business from Fab, rather than a rebrand. The portal is expected to open in more than 30 countries in September.

In an email to customers, Goldberg wrote:

“I want to be the first to share with you an exciting new project from Fab:

We’ve been hard at work the past few months developing our own line of furnishings in partnership with some of the world’s top designers — with the goal of offering exclusive well-designed furnishings that you cannot get anywhere else, easy to assemble, shipped fast, with innovative customization options, and at prices of up to 50% lower than traditional retailers.”

Hem2Fab members are invited to become VIP members of Hem, enabling them to special access to pre-launch news, sales, and offers.

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