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How broadband companies are attracting young, techie consumers

Broadband service providers, especially the new and smaller ones, know and understand that the internet service market has changed and will continue to keep changing. That’s why many are adopting new strategies to make their services attractive to new customers. The following are some of the most popular ones in current … [Read more...]

Internet is still not fast enough!

Last year, we were celebrating the big win of the net neutrality. Our internet providers bragged about the higher broadband speed, and the big merger between Comcast and Time Warner that could result in a bandwidth monopoly, was called off at the last minute. It sure did seem like internet users won the war against the Big … [Read more...]

Which type of broadband plan is best for you?

It’s not unusual for a household to consume hundreds of GB of data per month. Heavy users who regularly do online video streaming can even go over 1TB per month. Thanks to HD and 4K videos as well as faster connection speeds, it’s easy to use up tremendous amounts of data to quickly go over the allotted data limit for a … [Read more...]

Looks like Google is getting into the speed test game

It wasn't too long ago that Netflix launched, a site that tests the speed of your internet connection. But even before existed there were a number of internet speed test sites including which is arguably [still] the most popular speed test destination for people looking to see how fast their … [Read more...]

A look at what happens every second on the internet

The internet is a big place, between the web and other protocols that make up the massive network, there's always something happening on it. But what exactly happens each second on the internet? Well, you're about to find out with this cool infographic created by the fine folks at UnboxingDeals. Every second on the … [Read more...]

Driven By Data: Addressable TV Advertising Brings Internet Targeting to TV

In spite of television’s slow and gentle decline in popularity, the medium is far from dead. Marketers are still looking for ways to increase their return on investment with commercial advertisements. By incorporating Internet-modeled advertising that targets individuals and families rather than a broad net of viewers, they … [Read more...]

These Are The Countries With The Least Access to Internet

I remember my first Internet sessions -- it was in mid-1990s, my parents had this big beige Dell tower and massive CRT monitor setup in our basement. I was very fortunate because we had two phone lines in my house which meant I didn't have to get off the Internet when the phone rang. Anyway, back to my first Internet … [Read more...]

Verizon Buying AOL for $4.4 Billion

It’s the way of all things: AOL, which owns several web-based media outlets including TechCrunch, Engadget, and Huffington Post, among others, is being acquired by Verizon for $4.4 billion in cash. The upshot here is that AOL will live on as a Verizon subsidiary, and it gives Verizon a new avenue to provide video content to … [Read more...]

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