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The speed of your internet connection is something that people are always concerned about. You might remember that there was a time when we used to have an internet connection with a speed of around 2Mbit/s. This was one of the initial broadband connection speeds offered by ISPs over a decade ago. Now, we have 4G/LTE, 5G, and Gigabit speeds being offered by ISPs that are lightning fast and great for high bandwidth apps and services, such as Netflix, Apple TV+, and more. But how do you know whether the internet speeds you are paying for are actually the internet speeds you are getting? Here’s how.

Whether you’re using Spectrum internet, Verizon, Comcast, or any other ISP, the following apps will help you identify both your download and upload speeds to help you ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest is one of the most popular speed test apps that you can have on your phone. It helps you check your internet connection. It has a very comprehensive speed test result for your connection. When you use it, it will display upload speeds, download speeds, and the ping time delay of your internet connection. Apart from that, Ookla also keeps track of your search results, which you can use to compare the current speed and helps you determine if your connection has improved or not. The service also lets you know how your connection speed compares to others on the ISP which can be nifty in seeing whether it’s just your connection or if a lot of people are experiencing slow speeds.

SpeedSmart Speed Test

If you don’t get the internet speed that was promised to you, this app becomes one handy solution when it comes to testing your internet connection. SpeedSmart is one exceptional tool that is quite proficient and based on the needs of the user. It helps users to get the optimum results based on a lot of different information. The app enables users to get information about their download speed, upload speeds and the network ping (the ping is the latency between your connection and the ISP).

V-Speed Test

The app is quite popular for Android and iPhone users alike. It is quite powerful when it comes to measuring your internet connection speed using its intuitive and modern application interface. V-Speed comes with a built-in WiFi signal finding tool and also works as a mobile signal finding tool. It has the capacity to select the default server for speed tests. Also, it can always test the download and upload speeds and find out delays in the ping time. V-Speed also provides you with the basic information about your internet connection that includes carrier and IP address and other information.


If you want to see that for how long you were connected to the 4G network on your phone, Sensorly is going to help you check out the check internet speed with a network coverage map. The tool is useful for both Android users and iPhone users and lets you know about the area where you can find internet coverage. This can be one amazing application for people who love to plan out adventure trips and adventurous trips and you want to find out the spots where you can find an internet connection.


This is another internet speed meter app for binge-watchers. It makes sure that you are getting enough speed to enjoy your favorite movies and shows online. It was created by Netflix. Unlike the other connection testing apps, FAST is designed to simply work as a website. Simply pull up the website in your browser (desktop or mobile) and it’ll run the test instantly upon loading the page. Similar to the other apps, FAST will inform you of your download speed, upload speed, latency, your current location, as well as the IP address from which you are connected to the internet with.

BONUS: Google and Speedcheck

Did you know if you simply type: speed test into Google the search engine will offer a tool to test your connection speed as well? Pretty nifty! Another good site to test your internet speed is Speedcheck.

You can use any of these apps to make your life easy. Such apps can help you determine whether you should switch to a different internet service provider or ask for a high-tier package that works for you. Also, many of these apps are designed for people who love to watch movies and don’t like buffering or any other kind of interruptions.

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