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Isn’t it better to get rid of the things you don’t want any longer and can make money by selling them? Well, you can definitely sell new and used items in the flea market but that would take much of your time and energy. There are many apps on the internet where you can sell your new as well as old stuff online. Sure, getting free spins no deposit bonuses online and using it to win money at online casino games is one of the great ways to make money online but you can also sell your stuff online and generate real money. Here are the best apps to sell your stuff online.


Although it is better known as a buying platform than a selling platform, Amazon allows you to sell with only a credit card and an account opened on the e-commerce platform through the “Individual seller” modality. Your ad will appear on Amazon platforms and you can benefit from security and fraud protection. In return, Amazon will charge you a fixed commission per product and a variable amount depending on the product you have sold. The main limitation is that you’re limited to selling 40 items per month. Other limitations include not being able to activate the 1-click button for your products, not being able to sell in certain categories, and only putting previously existing items for sale on Amazon. If you want to sell new items on Amazon, you must register as a professional seller and pay a monthly fee.


Craigslist is one of the most trusted and of course the best apps to sell your used or new stuff online. The popularity of this site can be assessed by the number of visits monthly – over 30 billion. This is a classified advertisement site where you can get items from numerous categories in your nearby area. The app of this service is available for iOS and Android devices. You can sell anything on this app, including houses, cars, bikes, services, or even household items.


There are a large number of websites to sell your stuff that’s why this app is focused on a particular segment. Vinted focuses solely and exclusively on the sale of used women’s clothing. You can simply put the used office cloths or designed apparel on the site. In addition, its forums allow you to meet other vendors, share style tips, and make friends.


Letgo is also an amazing service available as a website and as an app. It is the service to get rid of old things. Letgo is very easy to use and totally free. The Letgo application uses a geolocation system like most applications to show you the closest buyers. Here, buyers can chat with the seller directly and clear all the doubts related to the item he/she is selling. You just need to upload the photos of what you want to sell, put the price, name of what you are selling, and describe the product well so that you receive more visits and you can sell quickly. Letgo will automatically categorize the item by the photo or name.


Another of the best applications to sell your things is the eBay application, according to users, it is one of the most trusted apps on the internet. In addition to being one of the second-hand applications, there are many independent sellers on eBay because it is a very popular and recognized mobile phone app. In the eBay app, you must register with all your data. The categories on this app are limitless as you can sell whatever you want. Without a doubt, thanks to its popularity and reliability, eBay is one of the best applications to sell your stuff out there.

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