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Email marketing has become a staple in digital marketing. The first step towards a successful email marketing campaign is to create an effective email marketing strategy for your business.

The next step is to ensure that the strategy you have developed is effectively applied. With an influx of businesses and individuals directing efforts towards email marketing, there is an increase in emails in each individual’s email inbox.

58% of people open their email before any other activity online, even before social media (only 14% of people check social media before anything else online). Chances are most of these people are checking your email before they roll out of bed, so you want to make the most of their interest and engagement.

The content you have and how you package it with apps can alter engagement. But there is a range of apps such as Boomerang Respondable, Newoldstamp, Crystal Knows, etc and it can be daunting to identify which app is best for you. Even choosing an email signature generator is somewhat difficult nowadays.

So, here is the ultimate list of the 10 best apps to make your emails look great.

Crystal Knows

This app uses AI to track individual personality through online information (social media accounts, past interactions) and helps you tailor content as per your target audiences’ personality.

For example, Crystal Knows can be a great app that uses predictive abilities that allow you to cater to client needs. This app can help you understand your clients and help you draft content to help them understand your efforts.

With these abilities, this app can help companies build trust with their brand through effective and persuasive language usage. By streamlining client personalities, this app helps expedite the sales funnel.

Gorgias Templates

This is an extension app that helps you create templates. Gorgias Template is a great free extension that allows users to save and customize email templates that can be handy when you are strapped for time.

There is also a paid version that allows teams to use uniform messages. This is particularly good for things like customizing client names. For example, if you are a small business then you can use this for standard queries.

This is a great way to save time and send personalized content. Both of which will help you build trust and connection with clients.  


Email signatures allow companies to add information about their company that cannot be included in the email text but it is important to help improve the bottom line. While there is an option of using a static email signature, a dynamic one like Newoldstamp allows companies to use email signatures as an opportunity to track metrics.

There is also a paid version that provides detailed tracking metrics and even allows users to add banners. As a result, this app helps you connect more, sell more, boost brand consistency, and grow followers.


This app is designed to help your writing become succinct and clear. There is a free online version and a one time paid desktop version of the app.

The Hemingway app, online or installed it will give you a readability score based on your sentence structures, but the paid desktop version comes with a little more features. This app helps you make sure you avoid complex sentences and awkward phrases.

As a result, this app helps companies retain the use of simple language to ensure clients and prospects easily understand the company’s message at all times.


This is a spelling, grammar and overall writing enhancement app. Grammarly has a free and paid extension available. This app allows you to set up and switch between English regions: American, British, Canadian and Australian.

Along with overall dialect-specific language help, this app also provides a report of language improvement overtime. The paid version also checks for things like plagiarism and provides language enhancement options.

So, this app is a great extension to help with language use, track usage and check for plagiarism. All of which ensure your clients are satisfied with your content writing efforts.


This app has the ability to convert your Gmail into a Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. Sortd is great for small businesses, individuals, and teams to keep track of all communication and needed actions. There is a monthly subscription rate with a free trial available.

This is a great CRM option for people kickstarting a campaign and for people with small teams to keep track of progress. The easy integration with Gmail makes it user friendly. So, this is a great app to increase sales by adding meaning to your email inbox.


This app is designed to improve the business process by creating, sending, and tracking emails. Mailjet is great for large scale emailing and is built with a flexible and user-friendly interface.

There are a free version, a free trial, and a paid option. It helps with email marketing, email tracking, and transactional emails. Basically, this app works towards simplifying email marketing so business owners and individuals can dedicate their efforts towards growing and building their business.

Just Not Sorry

This is a Gmail plugin that is available on Chrome. Just Not Sorry is designed to draw attention to the text in your email that could undermine your message. This is a free plugin that will allow you to avoid diminishing your own voice.

Consequently, it helps establish authority and projects you in a powerful way for your readers. Both of which are key ways to exert influence in your email marketing campaign. So, this app is designed to improve the authority of your email marketing campaign.

Detective by Charlie

This app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you improve sales. Detective by Charlie automates sales research, saves research time, and allows your representatives to focus on selling.

The purpose of this app is to make sure representatives are not burnt out by the time they start reaching out to leads and to improve conversion rates. This helps representatives understand what buyers want and direct their efforts accordingly. As a result, it helps increase the number of prospects and ultimately the bottom line. 

Boomerang Respondable

This app uses AI to make emails more responsive. Boomerang Repondable tracks whether your email recipient responded or not and allows you to build a schedule to send the messages again.

There is a free and paid version available and it is a Gmail plugin app that allows you to get insight on recipient behavior. In the process, your email marketing campaign becomes more productive and helps you improve your bottom line.

With an influx of apps, it can be challenging to identify the best email marketing apps for you. We built the list above keeping this in mind and ensuring your email marketing efforts yield the result you want.

The apps above, individually and in combination, can help you target your email marketing efforts and improve everything from email signatures to CRM routine.

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a chrome extension that saves you time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. Want to know who is opening your emails and who isn’t? Right Inbox's simple email tracking feature allows you to know when and where your recipients are opening them.

As soon as a recipient reads your email or clicks a link within your email, you’ll be able to see it straight from your own Gmail inbox. All the information you need to act effectively is only a mouse-hover way.

There is a free version with a monthly limit on credits as well as a paid version that starts at $5.95 per/month on an annual plan.

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