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To say we’ve been excessively teased about an Amazon-built smartphone as of late would be an understatement. And with the release of the teaser video below via Amazon’s YouTube channel, such a reveal seems closer than ever.

On June 18, in Amazon’s home of Seattle, Washington, the company will unveil their latest project, and “what these Amazon customers are talking about” in this teaser video. All signs point to a 3D smartphone with multiple cameras, a sleek design, and a focus on content delivery for its users.

But knowing Amazon, it could be anything. Something unheard of.

Amazon is offering the opportunity for fans and enthusiasts to request an invitation to the product’s unveiling. You can request one for yourself here. It doesn’t guarantee you entry to the event, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

So, what does Amazon have up their sleeve? Again, frankly, it could be anything. We learned with the announcement and release of The Amazon Fire TV set-top box that Amazon is looking to get more Amazon-branded hardware, not just services, into the hands of its customers, and a phone is certainly one effective way of doing it.

Looks like we’ll know for sure on June 18.

[Source: Amazon]

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