— Jeff Weisbein

Jeff is the founder & CEO of BestTechie. He has over 10 years of experience working with technology and building businesses. He loves to travel and listen to music.

Forget Super Mario Run, this new Super Mario game looks amazing

This week Nintendo announced its brand new game console, the Nintendo Switch, which looks pretty cool, but perhaps what's even cooler is the brand new Super Mario game that they developed for it. The game, called "Super Mario Odyssey," is a brand-new 3D Mario game, and the first large Mario-themed sandbox … [Read more...]

Meanwhile @Twitter: Internal discussions about banning Donald Trump

The Verge is reporting that there have been talks inside Twitter to ban Donald Trump from the platform: In the weeks leading up to Trump’s inauguration, that debate has only intensified. Some of Trump’s tweets, notably his erratic tweets about nuclear policy, have generated calls for Twitter to ban the … [Read more...]

JetBlue completes Fly-Fi rollout, free high-speed Wi-Fi now on all planes

TechCrunch reporting that JetBlue has finally completed its multi-year rollout of Fly-Fi to all of its airplanes: JetBlue today announced that it has officially completed its fleet-wide rollout of Fly-Fi, bringing free wireless internet to all of its planes. The carrier first introduced the service in late … [Read more...]

President Zuckerberg? It seems unlikely

There has been a lot of speculation lately that Zuck is planning a bid for the presidency at some point in the future, perhaps as soon as 2020 or 2024. Between the news about Facebook restructuring stock so Zuck can sell his shares to fund he and his wife's initiative (and still maintain control over … [Read more...]

The best health and fitness apps to reach your New Year’s resolutions

Congratulations to all, the dumpster fire that was 2016 is no more and we have moved on to the new glorious year of 2017. And as with any new year, tens of thousands all around the world will decide that this year they must do better about getting healthy and losing weight. In our modern world, one of the … [Read more...]

Hello? It’s me, your Touch Bar

Hello, remember me? It's me, your shiny new Touch Bar, located directly above your keyboard on your shiny new MacBook Pro. I light up occasionally with app options, sound and brightness controls, word and emoji suggestions, and even those old fangled function keys if you tap me the right way. I'm … [Read more...]

How one startup is betting big on music to change VR

Think about the most emotional medium you've experienced. For some of you, it could be movies, for some it could be books, but for so many all around the world, a strong emotional connection can only be created by music. If we combine that emotional connection with one of the most immersive entertainment … [Read more...]

Which tech companies won Christmas 2016?

Yesterday, millions of people all over the world tore open their presents to uncover what goodies were hiding beneath that wrapping paper that's been tormenting them for days, it not, weeks. This is Christmas 2016, so of course, technology has become an integral part of everyone's daily lives and if the App … [Read more...]

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