— Jeff Weisbein

Jeff is the founder & CEO of BestTechie. He has over 10 years of experience working with technology and building businesses. He loves to travel and listen to music.

This startup claims to be the missing link in the financial blockchain

If you ask me, the blockchain ecosystem has had two major, technology defining moments. The first was, of course, the creation of Bitcoin, the original blockchain. The second was the creation of Ethereum, the virtual machine that has made blockchain based services increasingly common in the past year. Most services we hear … [Read more...]

Rydar wants to make the sharing economy a little more fair

Ah, the sharing economy. It’s changed all our lives for the better. We can stay at people’s apartments, order food from anywhere we want, and, of course, zip around in our Uber to anywhere and everywhere for a fraction of the price we paid for cabs. Regular cab services used to be a sort of cartel, offering fixed prices and … [Read more...]

Glispa thinks there’s room for another AdTech product with its new release for publishers

AdTech has been a very lucrative field in the past several years, but still, it seems Google Facebook continue to dominate, projected to corner half of the digital advertising market between them until the end of 2017. Even still, more and more players are joining the field, promising advertisers better results and … [Read more...]

Ecommerce data study reveals an interesting link between instant ramen and diapers

Korea is probably one of the most mysterious peninsulas in the world. We all know that North Korea is closed off and very isolationist, but new data from South Korean e-commerce company TMON shows us that it might actually be South Koreans who are the most mysterious. Why is that? Mainly because of their spending habits … [Read more...]

Forgot Windows 10 password? Reset it with ease

The following series of events happens more frequently than you would imagine: you sit down at your computer, go to login, Windows prompts for your password, you enter what you believe to be your password and... no go. It doesn't work. All of your files and applications are suddenly trapped inside your computer and you … [Read more...]

Google will no longer read your emails for Gmail ads

Here is a comforting piece of news, Bloomberg is reporting that Google has decided to cease reading your emails to determine what ads to show you in Gmail. While I'm all for this policy change, it isn't happening because Google finally decided it was a bit too invasive to read your email--no it's happening because Google … [Read more...]

Review: Wix, a super simple website builder

Everyone wants to build a website these days, whether it be for a business or personal reasons, having your own website is becoming increasingly necessary. As it becomes more important for local businesses to develop online presences, it's also really important for individuals to develop their own brand (and having your own … [Read more...]

iOS 11 on the iPad is all kinds of awesome

John Paczkowski at BuzzFeed has a great interview with Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi on the iPad and what iOS 11 means for it and the future of the Mac. "It’s hard not to look at the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro running iOS 11 and recall that ‘The computer for the rest of us’ slogan Apple used in 1984 to launch the Mac. … [Read more...]

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