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Welcome to TechieBytes episode 88 titled Saving the world's oceans one startup at a time

Today I'm speaking with Daniel Kleinman, Founder & CEO at Seaworthy Collective, a Miami-based venture studio that's building companies to regenerate the world's oceans. We discuss how regenerating is different than sustaining, why this work is so important, and what we can do as individuals. Enjoy!

Topics we discussed:

  • Why are you the right person for this job?
  • What's the difference between regenerating and sustaining the oceans?
  • What are the specific initiatives you're working on?
  • How quickly can you build these startup?
  • What's stopping us from starting today?
  • How fast will we see results?
  • What can WE do as individuals?
  • What's the world look like if we don't do these things?
  • What's your ask for the community?

Audio Episode

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Video Episode

Video Highlights

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