Rydar wants to make the sharing economy a little more fair

Ah, the sharing economy. It’s changed all our lives for the better. We can stay at people’s apartments, order food from anywhere we want, and, of course, zip around in our Uber to anywhere and everywhere for a fraction of the price we paid for cabs. Regular cab services used to be a sort of cartel, offering fixed prices and … [Read more...]

5 technologies that are changing the way people shop

Online retail has transformed the way that we shop. And it’s easy to see why. In many cases, it’s simply easier, more convenient, and often cheaper to buy things online than it is in person. For one, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for – that can’t be said of shopping in person. Combine this with the fact that … [Read more...]

The importance of having a sales process in place as a startup

Every year about 300 million people try to start about 150 million businesses, out of which only one-third see the light of the day, which means 50 million firms are born every year. However, less than 10% of them manage to survive; a pretty shocking statistic. While 42% of the start-ups fail because there is no demand for … [Read more...]

How to enjoy a safe and secure online gaming experience

Lots of online computer games pit one player against another player, or multiple players. This applies to games played on game consoles, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices including phones and tablets. Some games are also played on various platforms through social networking sites. It’s quite normal for players to adopt … [Read more...]

Glispa thinks there’s room for another AdTech product with its new release for publishers

AdTech has been a very lucrative field in the past several years, but still, it seems Google Facebook continue to dominate, projected to corner half of the digital advertising market between them until the end of 2017. Even still, more and more players are joining the field, promising advertisers better results and … [Read more...]

IoT Security: How to prevent your smart thermostat from joining a botnet

Although for many of us IoT presents an exciting new horizon to explore, this relatively new tech sector also opens up a great opportunity for hackers to wield their axe of destruction. While most computers and mobile devices now come with at least basic protocols and addons aimed at protecting us from exploits, billions of … [Read more...]

4 easy ways to find and save new podcasts

Podcasts help many people get overviews of the day’s headlines, learn foreign languages and chuckle during their commutes while listening to sharp-witted comedians. There’s literally something for everyone with today’s podcasts: you can find podcasts on the latest healthcare news or episodic tales of fiction and true … [Read more...]

8 reasons not to use website builders

Website builders, such as those offered by GoDaddy and Wix, promise easy-to-use website creators that will have your website up and going in virtually no time at all. Remember the old saying, that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? It applies to website builders, too. While it may be easy for anyone to create … [Read more...]

Ecommerce data study reveals an interesting link between instant ramen and diapers

Korea is probably one of the most mysterious peninsulas in the world. We all know that North Korea is closed off and very isolationist, but new data from South Korean e-commerce company TMON shows us that it might actually be South Koreans who are the most mysterious. Why is that? Mainly because of their spending habits … [Read more...]

Pro Tip: How to make sure ecommerce customers don’t buy from you

Yes, you read that title right. Here’s what you need to do to drive customers away from your store forever. If you want to sink your ecommerce store quickly and efficiently, then this is the guide for you. If, however, you want to build a robust e-store that leaves customers satisfied and smiling, do the exact opposite of … [Read more...]

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