The mind that made Android brings you ‘Essential’

What happens when Andy Rubin, the man responsible for developing the Android platform, decides to design a gadget to compete with the iPhone? The Essential. It’s an ultra upscale phone with a ceramic back and titanium frame. Thanks to those expensive materials, the phone won’t ever be mass produced. But, there are those … [Read more...]

How to utilize an app to grow your business

The arrival of the internet and social media has revolutionized the way we do marketing. It has made the entire process less costly and more effortless. This is part of the reason why so many people in the UK, especially those starting a small business, prefer marketing their business on their own. Today, business owners … [Read more...]

Photo sharing app Shoto launches new feature for weddings and events

We all know that tying the knot can drive even the most sane person, well insane. Down to the last detail, everything has to be near-perfect on that day, including the music, the location, the photographers and the much-debated guest list. And yet, the most daunting task of picking out all of the photographs for the album … [Read more...]

The essential guide to shoot professional video on your iPhone

Before reading this post, you need to know that your iPhone camera is more than just a mobile camera. The Camera hardware in the iPhone is very powerful and can shoot professional looking videography in a budget. But there are some of the simple tips you may need to consider before you consider shooting videos from your … [Read more...]

Do men and women fight cancer differently? One online platform shows that they might.

There is almost no one in the world who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way. Whether directly as someone battling the disease, or through a friend or loved one, cancer is still tragically pervasive. Fortunately, there is a steadfast and active effort to find new treatments and hopefully a cure for the disease. … [Read more...]

How to reach your target audience more effectively

The most important person a company should focus on is the customer as they are the backbone of any business. Therefore, meeting their needs, wants and desires is your main goal. Your customer or your target audience is the group of people you want to get your product or service in front of as much as possible. See how to … [Read more...]

Review: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

OWC is a company that most Apple fans know about--they make products specifically for Macs, including memory, solid state drives, and what we'll be talking about today: docks. This isn't a new area for OWC, they have manufactured previous versions of the product I'm about to review, but this year's model, the OWC … [Read more...]

5 style apps that are going to change how you buy clothes

Some people think shopping for clothes is a blast, while others think it's unbearable. Wherever you stand, there are a host of new apps that can make the clothes-shopping experience even more fun — or at least less painful. Today's wave of apps use all sorts of features to help you refine your style and buy garments that … [Read more...]

Functional Fashion: Mobovida Belt Bag Review

If you're a girl-on-the-go like me, you can appreciate when an everyday accessory like a handbag is not only fashionable, but functional as well. If you're nodding in agreement, I'd love to introduce you to the Mobovida Bristol belt bag. The Mobovida Bristol belt bag is a new spin on an old concept. Not only does the bag … [Read more...]

What’s better? Sketch vs Photoshop

Since the introduction, Photoshop has gained a lot of accreditation among web designers who use it to create mockups for the web and mobile app designs. But, with the introduction of Sketch, it seems like a competitor to Photoshop has finally arrived. Sketch vs Photoshop has become a highly debatable topic in today’s web … [Read more...]

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