Hello? It’s me, your Touch Bar

Hello, remember me? It's me, your shiny new Touch Bar, located directly above your keyboard on your shiny new MacBook Pro. I light up occasionally with app options, sound and brightness controls, word and emoji suggestions, and even those old fangled function keys if you tap me the right way. I'm … [Read more...]

The best 5 Android apps in 2016

So 2017 is almost here. And as the current year is coming to an end we tend to summarize the best and worst things that happened. In the tech world this equals to analyzing the apps and gadgets that were launched and choosing the best ones. That’s why we did a little research and put together a comprehensive … [Read more...]

How one startup is betting big on music to change VR

Think about the most emotional medium you've experienced. For some of you, it could be movies, for some it could be books, but for so many all around the world, a strong emotional connection can only be created by music. If we combine that emotional connection with one of the most immersive entertainment … [Read more...]

Which tech companies won Christmas 2016?

Yesterday, millions of people all over the world tore open their presents to uncover what goodies were hiding beneath that wrapping paper that's been tormenting them for days, it not, weeks. This is Christmas 2016, so of course, technology has become an integral part of everyone's daily lives and if the App … [Read more...]

Internet is still not fast enough!

Last year, we were celebrating the big win of the net neutrality. Our internet providers bragged about the higher broadband speed, and the big merger between Comcast and Time Warner that could result in a bandwidth monopoly, was called off at the last minute. It sure did seem like internet users won the war … [Read more...]

8 essential time-saving tools to help entrepreneurs save time

We live in an age where it's possible for just about anyone with enough skills and ambition to become a successful entrepreneur and start their own company. This goes double if you are running an online business. The technology is cheaper and more accessible than ever, and there are plenty of tools available … [Read more...]

Is Super Mario Run a runaway success with 40 million downloads?

TechCrunch on the release of Super Mario Run for iOS last week: Nintendo has confirmed what we all knew was likely – Super Mario Run got a lot of downloads at launch. The company says that the app was downloaded over 40 million times during its first four days on the App Store, which breaks records for … [Read more...]

9 things you should know about building a startup in 2017

If you’ve decided that you're going to launch a startup in 2017, then you are in for one hell of an exciting year. However, before you get started, there are a lot of things to get hammered out. It’s these details that can mean the difference between ending 2017 as a success or finding yourself back at square … [Read more...]

Which type of broadband plan is best for you?

It’s not unusual for a household to consume hundreds of GB of data per month. Heavy users who regularly do online video streaming can even go over 1TB per month. Thanks to HD and 4K videos as well as faster connection speeds, it’s easy to use up tremendous amounts of data to quickly go over the allotted data … [Read more...]

These KEF speakers are the best computer speakers

If you are in the market for an amazing pair of computer speakers look no further than the KEF X300A speakers. There are actually two models of the X300A’s — one is a strictly wired version (X300A) and the other model (X300AW or X300A Wireless) has wireless capabilities. I bought the X300AW (wireless … [Read more...]

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