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Six months after House of Wise's soft launch, the company has officially moved to Miami and announced it closed a $2 million seed funding round. I've previously spoken to House of Wise founder, Amanda Goetz, on the TechieBytes podcast and was extremely impressed. Definitely give that episode a listen if you haven't yet, we discussed multiple topics including the hardest thing about starting a company in the CBD market, how cannabis has impacted her life, why affiliate marketing is an important part of her business, why she chose Miami, and more.

Like myself, Amanda only recently tried cannabis and found it to be incredibly helpful, with House of Wise she's focusing on bringing CBD products to women all over the world (men can use the products too though). Currently House of Wise offers three main CBD-based gummies that help women enhance their sleep, sex, and lower their stress levels.

The new funding means a couple things for the company and its customers:

  • Lower prices. As the company scales, they're going to be passing along the savings to customers via lower prices while still maintaining the same high quality.
  • Subscriptions. The company has implemented a subscription based offering where you can ensure you're always stocked.

I'm really excited to see Amanda & Co. continue to grow the company (especially from Miami!) and I'm even more stoked to see how Wise Women (what they call their affiliates) earn money through selling.

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