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Welcome to TechieBytes episode 81 titled It's time to destigmatize cannabis usage (feat. Amanda Goetz)

Today I'm speaking with Amanda Goetz, the founder & CEO at House of Wise, a luxury CBD brand geared towards women. We discuss how trying cannabis for the first time in our 30s changed our lives, the challenges being faced by cannabis companies, what it means to be a Wise Woman, and her upcoming move to Miami! Enjoy!

I've also started the Florida Entrepreneurs Club along with my new friend (whom I met on Clubhouse), Nicholas Mohnacky (@mohnacky on CH)! If you're an entrepreneur in Florida (or anywhere around the world) be sure to follow me on Clubhouse (@jeffweisbein) and join us every Monday and Friday at 3PM ET and Wednesday at 7PM ET! Sign up on the site for the mailing list and follow our Twitter for updates.

Topics we discussed

  • Why the name House of Wise?
  • What made you try CBD? Have you tried cannabis/would you try it if you haven't?
  • What's the hardest thing about starting a company in the CBD market? Do you think you could expand into THC products too?
  • What are Wise Women? How many Wise Women are selling your products?
  • How important is the affiliate market to your business? What are you doing to help build an affiliate marketing network? How difficult is it?
  • How has CBD changed and/or impacted your life? What are the best use cases for it?
  • Being that the CBD market is currently unregulated, how could future legislation impact your business? Are you worried about it?
  • So rumor has it you're planning to move to Miami, is this true? What made you want to move here?

Audio Episode

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Video Episode

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