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I've been covering mmhmm for a while now, my first experience with the app was in August when I got into the Mac beta. I immediately fell in love with the app's features and functionality. It's quite literally the smoothest video presentation software I've ever used. The company, founded by Phil Libin (20+ year tech executive and venture capitalist), is defining a new category of “IRL+” products that make that hybrid experience more enjoyable and effective than either just online or just real-life.

In a post on the company's blog today, mmhmm has three big announcements: the first is what they're calling April Truth Day, the second is the launch of mmhmm Business, and the third, is the release of mmhmm for Windows (beta) to the general public.

mmhmm for Windows

Good news Windows users! Mmhmm is now available for download to everyone. While the app isn't as far along as its Mac counterpart, the app should be stable enough for most users according to mmhmm, "it’s not final, but it’s getting there, and we need your help kicking the tires before we debut mmhmm for Windows to the world."

Here's some of the new things you can find in the most recent Windows beta:

You can import your presentations from PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF files. The presentation gets converted into an mmhmm presentation, and you can add or remove slides right in mmhmm.

Now you can bring your team together with mmhmm Business. Windows and Mac accounts can be managed under a single admin account. In fact, the company has already signed on a ton of big name clients including Cisco, Boston University, Sequoia, PWC Japan, Axel Springer Porsche APX, and Shine Bootcamp.

The mmhmm team has added lots of finishing touches to improve the experience in Windows, from better presenter Frames to improved app performance and stability.

Join Phil Libin and I on Clubhouse

On Friday April 2 (tomorrow!) at 3PM ET I'll be hosting a Clubhouse room with Phil to talk about the brand new mmhmm for Windows release, the future of video communication, as well as what remote work means to him, plus your questions! Don't miss out! The room is being hosted and presented by the Florida Entrepreneurs club. You can find the room and how to join it here!

What about April Truth Day?

Good question. Here's the skinny from the mmhmm blog:

Yes, we know this announcement is coming out on April 1st. Honestly, we’re sick of companies doing ridiculous April Fool's Day gags. Grow up, people. We’re starting a new tradition: Every April 1st we’ll announce real and important things, seriously.

While I'm never against a little fun, I do appreciate the refreshing take this year.

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