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Welcome to TechieBytes episode 87 titled The long journey to building Florida Tech (feat. Nick Mohnacky)

Today I'm speaking with Nick Mohnacky, Founder & CEO at BundleIQ, a Florida-based startup that's building an AI for the future of knowledge work. We discuss how AI can help us with work, the evolution of the Florida tech scene, and how Nick and I got started working together on the Florida Entrepreneurs Club. Enjoy!

Topics we discussed:

  • Why are you building BundleIQ? How is it different?

  • Should we be afraid of AI?

  • What's the hardest part of being a non-technical founder? How do you overcome it?

  • How long have you been in Florida tech? And what made you so bullish on it for so long?

  • What are your thoughts on what's happening with the whole Miami Tech movement? How are things different?

  • What's your pitch for someone to come build in Florida? Why should people make the move?

  • When I reached out to ask you to start Florida Entrepreneurs with me, what were your initial thoughts and what made you say yes?

  • What's your ask from the community?

Audio Episode

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Video Episode

Video Highlights

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