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Does The TechCrunch Acquisition Mark The End of An Era?

Now that it’s a done deal and Aol has acquired TechCrunch (along with two other companies today), I began to wonder whether this marks the end of an era.  While I guess deep down, I knew a day like this would come – it just had to eventually, I never fully considered the implications it would have down the road for other blogs and what it means for smaller (but growing) sites such as BestTechie.

Aol’s acquisition of TechCrunch marks the end of an era.  The era of major independent blogs, news sites, etc is coming to an end.  Mainstream media and content providers will start to acquire more of these “new media” sites and what is currently new will be old, and what is old will be new.  Independent sites will have a much more difficult time competing due to lack of resources, capital, and ability to easily scale.

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The Sad State of the Blogosphere

We have a problem.  That problem is the current state of our blogosphere.  It’s in complete shambles.  Unfortunately, I’m well aware of what causes this problem and it’s not easily fixable.  The cause of the problem is the need for visitors and pageviews, which both translate into money.  Don’t get me wrong – making money is great, I’m all for it.  I’m just not for making money off of a garbage product or service.  Let me explain.

There are several blogs (large or small) out there that just will post anything, especially on days some would call a “slow news day.”  I have a suggestion to those blogs.  Have you ever tried not posting if you have nothing to say?  It works for me.  The result?  More high quality (and better) content.  It’s really unfortunate that these blogs have to resort to posting such posts just to meet their visitor and pageview quotas for the day.  But it’s not just the posts that should never see the light of day that bothers me.

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TechCrunch’s Super Secret Spy Subdomain

Earlier today, TechCrunch Co-editor, Erick Schonfeld made a blog post about his issues with Firefox 3.5.  However, in that blog post, he posted a screenshot (see below) which included a tab labeled “TechCrunch Spy”.  Purposely or not, it stirred some discussion in the comments.  Thinking it would be too obvious (I tried it anyway), and I typed spy.techcrunch.com into my address bar, and sure enough, a password protected web page appeared.  So what is this TechCrunch Spy?

I have a couple of guesses (both speculative – right after the jump)

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