Welcome to TechieBytes episode 46 titled Audience development and subscriptions: building an audience at scale (feat. Travis Bernard)

This podcast is supported by Wix.com. I’ve personally tested and reviewed Wix and can say without a doubt that Wix is extremely easy-to-use and a great choice to build a website for novice to advanced users.

Today I’m speaking with Travis Bernard, Senior Director of Subscriptions and Audience Insights at TechCrunch. We discuss what audience development looks like at TechCrunch, what analytics TechCrunch utilizes (as well as who gets access to them), and the recent launch of Extra Crunch (including a sneak peek of what’s to come).

Travis has helped TechCrunch nearly double its monthly active users since he started and is responsible for running paid and organic media campaigns to help promote TechCrunch’s event business, resulting in millions of dollars in new revenue. He was also engaged in business development and partnership operations, including TechCrunch’s work with Facebook Live, Messenger chat bot, and event integration with audio startup Otter.ai. He’s currently running audience development for TechCrunch as well as leading the business operations and marketing effort behind Extra Crunch.

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