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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are often at a competitive disadvantage compared to their larger counterparts. However, in an increasingly mobile-driven and SEO-focused marketing industry, SMEs can build winning formulas with the right interactive marketing campaigns.

TopHatRank and Mealthy are prime examples of such winning combinations, capturing both the Best SEO Campaign and Best Low Budget Campaign at the 2019 Interactive Marketing Awards (IMAs). For established search and social marketing agencies like TopHatRank, small product brands like Mealthy are an opportunity to showcase their strategies with limited financial runways. Mealthy’s lean digital strategy is led by Tiana Dragos and a small team of developers.

For SMEs like Mealthy, working with proven marketing agencies like TopHatRank is an opportunity to gain brand exposure, increased web traffic, and higher conversions in a competitive kitchen product market.

Create content to help small and big businesses, despite budgets

Content quality remains king. Google’s search algorithm updates should serve as an indicator of what to emphasize when approaching an SEO marketing campaign, and pinpointing specific aspects of what the algorithm targets are vital for growing your online brand.

In particular, the updates emphasize quality content over quantity of content, a distinction that is hard to come by in the world of clickbait material. Backlinks are valuable, but Google’s parsing of on-page SEO content is evolving towards long-form content with structure and UI design choices.

Use SEO audits to uncover your big mistakes

For an SME, marketing services that specialize in data-driven deep dives into your search engine visibility are vital. TopHatRank refers to this as their ‘deep tissue’ SEO audit, which consists of meticulously analyzing primary and secondary websites to optimize the flow of traffic to your website. They focus on examining keyword targeting, internal/external backlinks, content creation, traffic quality, website infrastructure, and more.

TopHatRank focuses on interactive, digital marketing services for enterprises big and small. Their services encompass SEO audits, monthly SEO services, and SEO strategies tailored to e-commerce businesses. Evaluating where and how TopHatRank can assist SMEs like Mealthy in achieving their digital branding goals reveals some intriguing insights into winning combinations.

SEO marketing firms focus on mobile-first mindset for businesses

With mobile e-commerce growth surpassing $500 billion in the U.S. last year, SMEs clearly need to position themselves amongst a younger generation of consumers. TopHatRank guides clients like Mealthy through e-commerce marketing on leading platforms such as Magneto, Shopify, and WooCommerce. They have proven results in resolving more than 1k technical SEO issues and duplicate content problems, optimizing product imagery and titles, and re-focusing internal links.

SMEs and entrepreneurs may have some experience in crafting online content, but do not maintain the type of ongoing adaptation parallel to Google algorithm updates that are necessary to gain a competitive edge in digital marketing amongst a sea of competition.

Even with a low budget, agencies like TopHatRank can help brands excel from nothing but a product and a website.

Let your success pay off – IMA dual award winners

Measuring the success of an interactive marketing campaign for an e-commerce product brand often refers to conversions of website visitors into buyers, and subsequently generating impressive ROIs. However, comparing successful marketing campaigns serves to provide a broader view of the industry and which initiatives really transcended above the rest.

The IMAs this year were hosted in Fort Lauderdale, FL and attracted more than 200 of the industry’s senior professionals and influencers amid PubCon. Judged by a panel of marketing experts across a range of occupations, Mealthy and TopHatRank came away as one of the most decorated collaborations among the myriad shortlist nominees.

As winners of both Best SEO Campaign and Best Low Budget Campaign, Mealthy and TopHatRank demonstrated that SMEs with minimal financial flexibility can still achieve compelling results when an efficacious SEO strategy is implemented.  

The Internet has leveled the marketing playing field for enterprises of all shapes and sizes, and the success of the Mealthy and TopHatRank campaign only reaffirms that notion.

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