EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Google

The European Union has formally filed antitrust charges against Google, alleging that the search company “infringes EU antitrust rules because it stifles competition and harms consumers.” Google, of course, has denied that this is so. According a press release published on Wednesday, the EU’s accusations are hinged … [Read more...]

Google and Twitter Make Deal for Tweets in Search Results

A report out of Bloomberg today reveals that Google and Twitter have shaken hands on a new deal to help new Tweets instantly appear in Google Search results. According to the report, Google has access to “Twitter’s firehose, the stream of data generated by the microblogging service’s 284 million users.” The result will be … [Read more...]

Competition to Oust Google on Apple Safari Heats Up

The word “Google” is synonymous with the idea of the web search, a fact that doesn’t really work too well for competitors like Yahoo and Bing. Now that the contract between Google and Apple to make Google the default search option on the Safari web browser is set to expire next year, Yahoo and Bing are looking to claim the … [Read more...]

Mozilla Taps Yahoo to Replace Google for Firefox Search

Google has been synonymous with “search” for many years now, but before Larry and Sergei came on the scene, Yahoo was the hippest search tool on the web. It seems that in an effort to combat a common foe, today Firefox-maker Mozilla announced that it has teamed up with Yahoo to push Google out as the browser’s default … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Lots of Apple News; Yahoo to Close the Directory

Happy Sunday, folks! I typically try to shy away from covering a whole lot about one company in these Wrap-Ups. Unfortunately, not a whole lot happened this week, and Apple made the headlines quite a bit; for both good and bad reasons. Yahoo made the news, too, though I'm sure it would rather not have. Let's find out … [Read more...]

End of an Era: Yahoo Directory to Shut Down Dec. 31

It feels like a lifetime ago, but there was a time when I used the Internet without Google. Yahoo was the website to use back then when you wanted to find other sites. And the way you did that was by looking through the Yahoo Directory. Now the Directory, which has remained online for nearly twenty years, is closing … [Read more...]

It’s Not You, Google Search Results Really Do Look Different

If you have noticed that Google’s search results look a little different right now--its not your eyes playing tricks on you. The modified appearance of the results is thanks to a very large “bucket” test currently underway, which has changed the look-and-feel of Google’s list of blue links. Most notably, the search result … [Read more...]

‘OK Google’ Voice Search Comes to Chrome Beta

A few months back, Google released a beta plugin called "Google Voice Search Hotword" that brought hands-free voice search to Chrome. That feature, first introduced in the Moto X smartphone, appears to have graduated to the level of built-in browser feature, as Google has officially added the capability to the latest … [Read more...]

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