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Another year has quickly approached. That denotes now is the ideal time to review existing Pay-Per-Click best practices to begin improving the performance. There’re chances to revisit the reliable Pay-Per-Click best practices but even more opportunity to apply new ideas into the program. Prime yourself to rock Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in 2019!

Why is Pay-Per-Click significant for a company and its growth?

If you own a company, making an online presence ought to be the main concern. It is not just about making a good-looking website anymore, but also getting to the latent clients online. In the latest study, it was established that more than 4.4 billion individuals are utilizing the net worldwide and more than 3.5 billion users are active on different social media platforms. Hence, it has never been more significant to have the right advertising strategy to boost the business online. According to Google, companies make more than two dollars for each one dollar they splurge on their ads.

Mainly, there are two methods to drive traffic to the site, Search Engine Optimization (free) and Pay-Per-Click (paid). Obtaining traffic through Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of effort and time to rank the site on the top of the SERPs. Pay-Per-Click involves splurging cash on ads to put the site directly in front of extremely targeted users. An effective digital advertising campaign engages both organic and paid techniques to get the best outcomes.

Latest Pay-Per-Click strategies and trends to pursue in 2019:

Here are some best PPC strategies to test in 2019 for a successful campaign:

Concentrate on building target audiences

If you are arbitrarily utilizing Pay-Per-Click on the general online population, it is essentially like throwing a bunch of seeds out a high-rise window and expecting one of them will drop into a pot on the sidewalk. In 2019, zoom in and concentrate on making target audiences. Do planned research on the existing customers and clients. If it makes sense to carry out so, ask the customers and clients to take some quick studies so you can enter insight into their online habits and interests. Research the prospects to discover where and who they are. Create customer profiles that you can share with the advertising team so they can utilize them to make targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns based on such demographics.

Mobile preference

Over the past few years, we’ve observed that the number of mobile searches rises as compared to desktop ones. Companies have to customize the mobile advertisement experience to get the best outcomes. The ones who overlook mobile as a marketing medium are wasting their advertising funds and are losing a major chance to reach latent customers.

You can begin by assessing your mobile traffic of a specific keyword in Pay-Per-Click. In the Google Ads, there’s a new feature which illustrates the performance of your keyword by devices. With the assistance of the provided data, companies can adjust their funds based on the devices.

Voice search preparation

You may not be getting a huge amount of voice searches yet. Most promoters are not. But it’ll be significant for you to check in with the trends in the account. Be prepared to respond to info voice searchers are looking for or negative-out the immaterial searches. Review such activity on a usual basis to decide if there’re any important keywords to append to the account or as a new crusade.

For instance, if you observe numerous navigational voice searches like BBQ restaurant near me, contemplate making a crusade to hyper-target such individuals trying to locate you, maybe with advertisements and landing pages with simple access to hours, directions, and parking.

Test different channels

You may discover that you get better outcomes from a diverse Pay-Per-Click channel. There’s a lot to pick from, including:

  • Bing Ads
  • AdRoll
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Revcontent
  • Gmail

A benefit to expanding the Pay-Per-Click channels is saving cash. Google AdWords is not inexpensive. If your Pay-Per-Click funds are running thin, a substitute channel may leave you with additional moola to play with. Another benefit to testing alternate channels is the possibility to do better A/B testing. You will surely see a few diverse and perhaps even astonishing outcomes.

Whichever channels you check, make sure you utilize data to guide your tracking, experimentation, tweaking and testing as required. Evade falling back into the arbitrary approach and make your substitute channel Pay-Per-Click crusades as targeted as you possibly can.


As the marketers are concentrated on the general ROI of a campaign, they tend to overlook that making urgency for product and brand reliability as also equally significant. 2019 will be the year where the companies have to consider creating a brand in place of simply boosting their sales and revenue. Marketers ought to utilize a few low-performing general keywords in their video campaign or display and not to make each click gainful. The advertising strategies and tactics will come and go but making a loyal fan base for the brand will assist you to carry on for a long period.

Test automating a portion of the account

It is no secret that the tools in the channels are getting more sophisticated each year. In the New Year, let us allow the machines to do the recurring tasks they are fine at and get the brain back to the top plan work that it is best at.

Video advertising

Appending videos to the advertising campaign not just improves social engagement but also boosts the placement of the ads on the SERPs. Even if you do not desire to splurge your cash on video advertising, you can still utilize YouTube for audience targeting. It’s useful when you have less funds, and the niche is extremely competitive. Numerous marketing platforms encourage marketers to use video for mobile advertising.

Final words

A pay-per-click campaign is the backbone of any company advertising strategy, although the strategy and tactics are continually changing. A few of the tactics are extremely helpful for a particular company or brand, but for others, it may not be as useful. It all rides on the company goals and requirements. I’ve seen companies grow quickly with effective PPC campaigns. One recent example is this post by GuitarSquid, which turned up while doing my research for a new guitar, their website kept showing up everywhere because of PPC, and ultimately led me to visit it. So, keep in mind, it is necessary to test the newest advertising methods one-by-one to discover what is best for the business.

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