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Tech News from 12-7-09 through 12-11-09.  This week includes TechCrunch suing FusionGarage for stealing the CrunchPad.   Mozilla is launching Firefox Mobile for Nokia phones, Windows Mobile, and Google Android.  No Firefox Mobile for the iPhone has been mentioned yet (that I have seen).  By the way, Firefox Mobile will support extensions such as Adblock.  Aol. has finally spun off from TimeWarner and now is its own independent company again.  Aol.’s strategy this time?  To be a giant blog (content provider).  And lastly, more rumors of an Apple Tablet now with a 10″ display with a price tag of $1,000.

See stories below:

  • TechCrunch Sues FusionGarage Over CrunchPad – What the hell kind of name is The JooJoo by the way?
  • Firefox Mobile Will Be Available Soon – Just no word of an iPhone version yet.
  • Aol. Spins Off From TimeWarner – Say it with me: Finally!
  • Apple Tablet For $1,000? – I think that’s a little much for a 10″ tablet.  How much would you pay (max)?

Of course, feel free to send me stories for next week via the contact us page.

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