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According to the Michael Arrington’s new blog, UnCrunched, as well as an article on TechCrunch posted by Erick Schonfeld, MG Siegler has joined CrunchFund as a general partner.  The news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as most people who have been following the recent drama at TechCrunch probably expected something like this to happen.  However, that being said, it appears that MG will stay on as a columnist at TechCrunch to cover Apple.  Being that MG has gained a lot of notoriety for his Apple coverage, it doesn’t seem like much is really changing in terms of his writing at TC.

It should be interesting to see how MG’s input as a general partner will factor into investment decisions, especially since it seems he’s new to the venture capital world.  It could bring an interesting new and fresh perspective to the fund.  Nonetheless, congrats to MG and best of luck to CrunchFund.

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