The PlayStation 4 is Selling So Well, Even Sony is Surprised

Sony’s latest home game console, the PlayStation 4, has only been available for just shy of 6 months, and its success is unprecedented. As of April 6th, the company reported that it has sold a whopping 7 million consoles worldwide in more than 72 countries/regions, largely beating even their own … [Read more...]

Try this Now! Chrome Remote Desktop App Accesses PCs from Android Devices

This is pretty great: today, Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices that makes accessing your desktop PC or Mac remotely supremely easy. It’s exactly what it sounds like: any compatible Android device can access a PC or Mac computer that’s online and has the companion Chrome App … [Read more...]

Google Confirms $50 Project Ara Modular Smartphone for Jan 2015

Ever since its announcement late last year, we’ve been eagerly scooping up any and all news about Google’s Project Ara, a customizable, modular smartphone. Yesterday at Google’s first Project Ara developer’s conference, the company officially announced its plans to release the phone in January of 2015 for the … [Read more...]

You Can Now Manage Your Kindle Personal Documents from Amazon Cloud Drive

Users of the Kindle Personal Documents feature: get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Amazon announced early this morning via email that it has upgraded the feature to allow file management via Amazon Cloud Drive. Previously, Kindle owners had to access a clunkier management tool on the Amazon website, … [Read more...]

Leaked Photos and Specs for Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Hit the Web

Hot on the heels of reports that Amazon’s smartphone would utilize four front-facing cameras to achieve glasses-free 3D visuals, a new report on BGR today doubles down on those rumors. According to the post—which includes supposed photos of an unreleased prototype in a protective case—the phone will have a … [Read more...]

For One Day Only, Google Glass Opens to the Masses

Since its launch, the Google Glass experiment has been fairly exclusive. The initial units went out to a select few. The next batch went out to those who could both secure an invite from a current Glass owner, and could also pony up $1,500 for the headsets. Today, for one day only, Google is opening the … [Read more...]

‘Drop Dropbox’ Movement Pressures Dropbox to Give Condoleezza Rice the Boot

Dropbox made waves last week when the company announced that former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would be joining the company's Board of Directors. Now, a group of protesters have started to organize a new movement that encourages users to drop the popular cloud file storage service … [Read more...]

Mozilla Names Chris Beard Interim CEO, Appointed to the Board

In an effort to move as far away from the company's decision to appoint Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla and his quick resignation, Mozilla has today announced that Chris Beard will be joining the Board of Directors at Mozilla, and will become the company's new interim CEO. In a blog post announcing the … [Read more...]

Facebook Wants To Be Your Digital Wallet

A Financial Times article from this past weekend reports that Facebook is close to launching a digital financial service, becoming the latest tech company to try and be your all-in-one e-wallet. According to the post, Facebook is “only weeks away” from gaining the required regulatory approvals in Ireland to … [Read more...]

Report: Amazon Smartphone to Offer 3D Visuals via Four Front Cameras?

The last we’d heard about Amazon’s rumored smartphone, it was said to sport six front-facing cameras, all there to allow users to interact with the device via gestures rather than just touch. Over the weekend, a report in the Wall Street Journal added fuel to the rumor fire, claiming that Amazon would be … [Read more...]

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