Smart and Senseless: Pay an Extra $50 For a Google Play Edition HTC One M8

One of the highly touted features of HTC’s new $649 flagship phone, the (terribly named) One M8, was Sense 6, or “Sixth Sense,” the smartphone maker’s newest iteration of its proprietary Android OS ROM. Sense has been a mainstay of all HTC phones since 2009, making changes to the Android experience like the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Will Bring Reputation Warnings to the Xbox One This Month

The concept of player reputation isn't new to the Xbox universe; the Xbox 360 has had a reputation system in place for years. But it appears that Microsoft is making it a bigger part of its newest console, the Xbox One. Ars Technica is reporting that Microsoft will flip the switch on reputation warnings this … [Read more...]

Will Microsoft Make a Huge iPad Announcement Tomorrow?

A new post on ZDNet reports that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is expected to make a big announcement regarding the company’s software on iPad at 10 a.m. Pacific tomorrow. Conventional wisdom points to the debut of the long-awaited touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office for the iPad, which we’ve heard has … [Read more...]

Minecraft Creator “Notch” Cancels Minecraft for Oculus Following Facebook Acquisition

Here it is, the first causality of Facebook's acquisition of the promising virtual reality company Oculus today. Minecraft and Mojang creator Markus Perrson, better known by his online nickname "Notch", has just announced on his personal Twitter feed that Mojang has cancelled talks with Oculus to bring the … [Read more...]

Virtual Insanity: Facebook Drops $2 Billion to Buy VR-Maker Oculus

News broke moments ago that Facebook will spend $2 billion to acquire Oculus, the Kickstarted maker of the Rift, a virtual reality headset that’s had the gaming world talking for the last several months. While not as numerically huge as its $19 billion acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp last month, the … [Read more...]

Sony Won’t be Making an Android Wear Smartwatch

If you're one of the thousands of people excited over last week's surprise Android Wear announcement, then you probably aren't Ravi Nookala, Sony Mobile's head of the U.S. division. Because if we're going to take him at face value, Sony isn't too psyched about Google's new smartwatch ecosystem. Sony has … [Read more...]

Next Big Nokia Phone Reveal Set for April 2…But Does it Even Stand a Chance?

By now you’ve probably read about HTC’s One M8 Android handset, which was finally and officially unveiled at a press event in New York City today. Armed with a dual camera, deep social and multimedia integration, and style for days, some believe that it’ll simply be the best smartphone on the market in 2014. … [Read more...]

Who Followed You First? Use This Twitter Tool to Find Out

Do you remember your first? First Twitter follower, I mean. Whether you have tens of thousands of followers now or just a few dozen, you started out with the same number as everyone else: zero. And someone had to be number one; the very first person who thought you were worth paying attention to. The first … [Read more...]

HTC One M8 Officially Unveiled, Available from Verizon Today, Early April Elsewhere

After weeks of leak after leak, HTC took to the stage in New York City today and formally, officially, unveiled its follow-up to last year’s One: the HTC One M8, set to launch before April 10 at AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, T-Mobile, Bell, and Tellus in North America. But if you don’t want to wait, you can jump … [Read more...]

Spotify Offers a 50 Percent Discount to College Students

College students in the U.S. are about to enjoy unlimited streaming music at a very good price. Spotify is now offering a special discount to those enrolled in two-year or four-year universities, cutting its $10 a month subscription fee by half in order to encourage new sign-ups. The $5 a month … [Read more...]

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