Microsoft Says Nokia Deal to Close Friday. Will This Drive its OEM Partners Away?

After months of planning and waiting, Microsoft has finally announced the closing date for its deal to acquire the devices and services division of its biggest smartphone partner, Nokia. According to a post on the Official Microsoft Blog, the deal will close this Friday, and Microsoft will own its own handset maker, … [Read more...]

Could Square Sell Itself? Sources Say Yes

The Square website can be found at But the company's inability to "square up" itself could mean selling to a rival, according to a post from The Wall Street Journal (h/t Business Insider). The WSJ, citing sources close to the company, reports that Square lost $100 million in 2013 alone. The company has … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Google’s Project Ara Slated for Jan. 2015; Yahoo & Microsoft Want to Take Over iOS Search

Happy Easter Sunday, and thanks for tuning in for another edition of the Weekend Wrap-Up. We've collected the top stories from the past week in tech and put together summaries in two different formats: video, assembled by our own Landon Robinson; and text, put together by your's truly. Ready to get started? Let's … [Read more...]

Nintendo Should Run the Netflix of Retro Video Games

Nintendo has a long and storied history in the world of video games, and its past systems have been home to some of the greatest titles ever made. The company has made many of those titles available -- three times, in some cases -- on its Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Consoles. And as much as I'd love to dive back … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Nokia Finally Set to Close This Month

It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset division will soon be complete, according to a post on Neowin today. The news comes by way of a letter sent to Nokia customers about the acquisition being finalized, and how it’ll affect customers’ contracts and data with the company going … [Read more...]

Xbox One Crosses 5 Million Consoles Shipped…Microsoft Quiet on Units Sold

A couple days ago, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 had sold 7 million units in over 72 territories worldwide since its launch last November. Yesterday, Microsoft made an announcement of its own, reporting that “more than 5 million Xbox One consoles have been sold-in to retailers” since its own launch a week after the … [Read more...]

Amazon Fire TV Adds Unified Voice Search for Several Apps

It's Gary Busey's lucky day. Amazon's Fire TV has just added several new content partners for the streaming box's unified voice search feature, including Hulu Plus, Showtime Anywhere and Crackle. Users looking for something to watch will now be able to search across those services, as well as the libraries of both Amazon … [Read more...]

Review: HTC One M8 is the Best Android Smartphone

When we got the invite to go to the HTC One M8 launch event in NYC on March 25, there wasn't much left [feature wise] to surprise us with.  But being the tech enthusiasts that we are (and that we know you are), we trekked on over to the event to see what HTC had to say about its brand new smartphone.  Suffice it to say at … [Read more...]

Vision for the Future: Google Files Patent for Camera Contact Lenses

It wasn’t so long ago that we first heard about Google’s Smart Contact Lens project, an effort to help those dealing with diabetes better regulate their blood sugar levels. But while we haven’t heard much of that project for a bit, yesterday news broke that Google had applied for a patent describing a method for building a … [Read more...]

Microsoft Will Soon Let Developers Respond to Your Windows Phone App Review

Perhaps you're a mobile application developer, frustrated at a particularly annoying review stuck on your precious app's product page that just spews out vicious misinformation, turning potential customers off for no good reason. Or maybe you're just an end user who has a really, really important question for a developer, … [Read more...]

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