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Not long ago, the idea of controlling various items around the house through your smartphone or even by making a voice command into a nearby device may have sounded like a science fiction concept. However, technology has evolved considerably in recent years, and smart home technology is a reality. More than that, it is increasingly commonplace.

Smart home technology allows you to control everything from your appliances and HVAC system to your doorbell, blinds, clocks, lights and many other devices through an Internet connection. While you can command these devices to turn on and off or to function in other ways, they can also report back to you about their status or needs. This is called the Internet of Things, or IoT.

Through IoT, you can enjoy a greater level of convenience. You may be able to take better care of your home, reduce energy costs, keep your belongings safer and more. Precondo has a great collection of apartments that are using these smart home devices. These are some of the top gadgets that you can add to your home to take advantage of modern smart home technology.

Amazon Echo

There are a full range of Amazon Echo products that can enhance your life in many ways. The most basic and affordable Echo gives you virtual assistance from Alexa, who can play music, give you the weather forecast and more simply by asking. More advanced Echo products can control different connected appliances and electronics in your home. Some even have a video monitor that can be used as a baby monitor, for video calls and more.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Securing your home and allowing access are easier to do with the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect device. This is a wireless device that works well with Siri, Alexa and other home-based control systems. You can also lock and unlock the door remotely, receive alerts if the door is left open and more. Through this device, you will know each time the door opens and closes.

NestCam Outdoor

NestCam Outdoor takes your home security efforts to the next level. This is a weatherproof surveillance system that provides crystal-clear images viewable on your smartphone or other devices. It also has two-way audio functionality. This way, you can hear what is going on outside your home, and you can also communicate with those who are on your property.

Philips Hue Bulbs

Smart home lighting is possible through Philips Hue Bulbs. This is a complete smart home lighting feature that lets you control the color of the light, the intensity and the brightness with ease. One bulb offers you the ability to create a huge range of colored lights. Through the system, you can control the ambiance in your home with ease. Smart lighting systems can also be controlled remotely, and this could help you to save money on energy and even improve home security in some cases.


If you want to improve the comfort of your indoor environment, the Ecobee4 is the right device for you. This device monitors temperature, humidity and ventilation in the room that it sits in. It also is connected to your HVAC system controls. When the room’s conditions are not desirable based on your specific settings, it will tell your HVAC system how to make adjustments. It also has smart motion sensors. It tells your system if you are home or not so that the thermostat can adjust accordingly. Apart from that, there are few platforms out there that guarantee solid info regarding thermostats; you can count on their website to be updated.

June Intelligent Oven

Cooking foods perfectly is a breeze with the June Intelligent Oven. This is a countertop appliance that looks like a microwave, but it offers far more robust features. It can cook any food perfectly. You simply tell the device what kind of food it is. It monitors the weight and other features so that it perfectly adjusts the temperature and cook time for you. This is an Internet-based product that also has a camera and artificial intelligence features.

Eufy RoboVac 11

Robotic vacuums have been around for a few years, but many are unfortunately priced too high to be affordable for the average consumer. The Eufy RoboVac 11 is an affordable and very effective version to consider. It has a low-profile design and a large debris canister. While it is not WiFi-based, it can operate based on controls that you pre-select.

Robomow RS622

You do not have to pay someone else to mow your lawn to get out of this regular chore. The Robomow RS622 can be programmed to cut every inch of your lawn without you having to lift a finger. You can even control it from your wireless device. The cutting quality is excellent, and it does not use a bag that would require manual changing. In fact, a lot of new condos in Parklawn Canada are already using the Robomow RS622.

The latest gadgets available for home use can save you time and energy. Take a closer look at these amazing gadgets, and implement them into your home in order to take full advantage of their benefits.

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