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Probably everyone except me has broken their smartphone’s screen (and I type that knowing I’m now going to become a victim of a broken phone screen). The cell phone repair business is estimated to have generated $4 billion in revenue in 2016 and analysts peg the industry to continue to see growth of three percent or more per year. That’s a lot of broken phones.

As you would expect the most common repair for a phone is replacing a broken screen. When it comes to finding a reputable person or company to fix your smartphone that’s where it can get a little more complicated. There are many cell phone repair shops out there, but there’s no real standards around smartphone repair. Every tech has different techniques and methods which hopefully result in a fully functional phone after they’re done working on it. I was recently contacted by a company called Puls to try out their smartphone repair service for myself. They sent me a iPhone 6 that I got to break (which was a lot of fun, check out the video below) and then have their tech come right to my apartment and fix it.

The nice thing about Puls is that they operate all over the country and will send the repair tech right to you. The company specializes in smartphone repairs for all kinds of phones, including pretty much every iPhone and iPad as well as select Samsung, Google, and Motorola phones. Puls also provides other types of services such as mounting TVs or setting up and configuring smart home devices such as thermostats, smoke detectors, lighting, doorbells, cameras, and more.

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As you can see in the video above, I broke the screen pretty bad and also noticed that the battery in the iPhone 6 needed replacing as well (the repair tech sent my apartment agreed with my battery analysis). In terms of my experience using Puls, it was very pleasant. I was provided a window when the tech would arrive between 2-3PM and at just about 2PM I received a call from Rob, the repair tech, letting me know he was walking to my building and would be here in approximately 2-3 minutes. When Rob got to my door, he was very kind, introducing himself and even asking if he should take his shoes off–which is a kind gesture (at least I think). Rob and I sat down at the kitchen counter and he got right to work, he worked quickly but professionally ensuring that all the proper steps were taken when disassembling and reassembling the phone. I’d say all-in had I not been bugging Rob while he was working the repair would have likely taken around 20 minutes.

I learned from Rob that Puls requires its techs to take tests before they are allowed to work on certain types of repairs to ensure that the techs know what they’re doing. This is good to know because as I mentioned with many other shops you just have to rely on the word of the individual fixing your phone that they know what they’re doing. I asked Rob how many phones he has repaired while working for Puls, his response shocked even me: more than 3,000 phone repairs over the course of Rob’s two years with the company.

Pricing for iPhone screen repairs starts at $79 to repair the screen on an iPhone 6 and if you need to have your battery replaced while having your screen replaced it’s only an additional $49. You can find the exact pricing depending on your smartphone and the issue it’s having on the Puls pricing page.

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