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When it comes to aging parents, anything that can make their life easier, more comfortable, or more convenient is worth considering. If you looking to buy your loved one a birthday gift, or simply want to give them something they can use around the house, the six gadgets below are great options. Though you may be drawn to the latest smartphones and tablets, the features and benefits these devices provide may be lost on your parents or grandparents. Instead, focus on practicality and usability – do so and you’ll find that you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Echo

It’s worth noting upfront that Amazon Echo will require a subscription to Amazon Prime. If your parents or grandparents don’t have a Prime membership, you may want to buy one for them on their behalf. Once you’ve done that, you can set up their Echo and give them a rundown of its many features and functionalities. The reason the Echo is such a great option for aging parents is because its voice-activated software, Alexa, provides an incredible user experience – it is both easy to use and helpful. Your parents can call or message you, check the news, play music on-demand, and even place orders from Amazon, all with a simple voice command. There’s no fidgeting and no hurdles.

Robot Vacuum

For aging parents who have difficulty walking or getting about, robotic vacuum cleaners, like the Roomba and Dyson 360, offer up incredible versatility and usefulness. Not only do these gadgets prevent your loved ones from having to man-handle heavy, cumbersome vacuum cleaners themselves, but they also run automatically, which will help ensure that the house is cleaned on a regular basis – whether your loved one remembers or not. Admittedly, robot vacs aren’t inexpensive, but they do pay for themselves over time thanks to the convenience that they provide. Plus, they can also help you avoid having to pay for a housecleaner to come by once a week.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Easily worn or attached to items, the Tile bluetooth tracker makes it possible to keep track of people (or things) right from a smartphone or tablet. If your loved ones have smartphones of their own, Tile helps ensure they never lose valuable objects, like a set of keys or their wallet. Of course, it can also help you keep track of your loved one, which may be necessary if an aging parent is suffering from the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. With a variety of different Tile trackers to choose from, you and your aging parents are sure to find a solution that fits their particular needs. And best of all, it’s affordable and setup is a breeze.


If your parents or grandparents rely on prescription medications, the MedMinder pill dispenser should be considered a must-have. Featuring a built-in cellular connection, the MedMinder can provide your loved ones with reminders via text message or phone, so that they are always up-to-date on their medications. Additionally, MedMinder can lock the dispenser’s pill trays if needed in order to prevent an overdose – or simply to make the task of keeping track of which pills are due easier. And that’s scratching the surface of what the MedMinder can do. On the whole, think of it this way: this gadget makes taking medication easier, more convenient, and safer for your loved ones.

Lively Mobile

The Lively Mobile is a medical alert system that can be worn around the neck, on the body, or on an article of clothing. In the event that an aging parent or grandparent slips and falls, faints, or becomes incapacitated, the Lively Mobile provides a means of reaching help, even if a phone is out of reach. With GPS tracking, fall detection, and waterproof construction, this medical alert system is designed specifically with your loved one’s best interests and needs in mind. Should the unthinkable happen, an on-call emergency response team is never out of reach.

Automatic Jar Opener

Even for strong, young adults, jars can be stubbornly difficult to open. So for aging parents who may be suffering from arthritis or muscle loss, it can be downright impossible to open a jar. Thankfully, automatic jar openers like the Black & Decker Lids Off make this task simple and easy. Fully automated, this electric jar opener (and others like it) can remove a vacuum sealed jar lid in a matter of seconds, requiring no effort on the part of your loved ones. Knowing that they won’t have to try and open the jar themselves will allow your parents and grandparents to once again buy the foods they love without worry – arthritis or not.

Lend Your Loved Ones a Hand

Gadgets can make life easier for the aging parents and grandparents in your life. So why not put these gadgets to good use? While the six gadgets above are certainly helpful to have around the house, they’re merely the tip of the iceberg. Ask your parents about what daily tasks they might like help with, and see if you can’t find a technological solution to their problem. You might be surprised at what’s available.

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