Comixology Disables In-App Purchasing for iOS, and Why That’s a Great Move

Over the weekend, customers of Comixology—the largest digital comics retailer on the web—received an email from the company explaining that there were new versions of its popular reader app available for Android and iOS devices. Interestingly, what one platform gained, the other lost: the Android version of the Comixology … [Read more...]

Verizon FiOS is Offering a Nice Internet / HBO Package, but Only to New Customers

When it comes to TV and Internet, you have two choices: you can either bundle the two and get an okay deal, or you can order just one and get really shafted. This is the cord-cutter's dilemma, as an Internet-only cable or fiber plan rarely provides a good value. An exception to this rule popped up today, however; a plan … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Google+ Head Leaves Company; Older HBO Shows Will Come to Amazon Prime

Is it Sunday again already? It feels like I just put the final period on last week's Wrap-Up, and it's time for another one. If you're new, here's the drill: every Sunday, we pick the biggest stories in tech from the past week and try to get you caught up on them. You can watch our Wrap-Up video directly below this … [Read more...]

Looking to Buy Some Cheap Games This Weekend? Check GameStop

I’m always on the prowl for video game deals. If you’re like me, and if you have no issue spending your cash on pre-owned titles, GameStop has a decent sale going on this weekend. The amount you save differs depending on how many games you pick up. Buying two will knock 10% off the total. Four games will get you a discount … [Read more...]

This Sexist Site Promises to Teach You to Code

This has to be a joke. A site called CodeBabes recently launched to teach people how to code. So how does it plan to do that? CodeBabes offers twenty-two lessons, and, to keep you interested in progressing, for each quiz you pass, your CodeBabe instructor will seductively take off an article of clothing. I'm all for … [Read more...]

FCC Defends New Net Neutrality Proposal Despite Backlash

A new net neutrality proposal from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which includes rules that say broadband providers can't block legal Web traffic, does not destroy open Internet principals and meets the goals of past efforts, the FCC said. Critics disagree, however, saying that the new proposal, to be … [Read more...]

Don’t Download that Wallpaper…It May Hide Secret Bitcoin Mining Malware

What good is a fancy Android smartphone if you don’t have equally schmancy wallpaper? Well, before you scour the Google Play Store for a background that sets your heart a-flutter, think about whether or not you want to run the risk of loading your phone up with malware. That’s malware that secretly mines for Bitcoins, to be … [Read more...]

Did an Online Retailer Post Photos of the Surface Mini?

Rumors have swirled that Microsoft might ship a shrunk down version of its flagship Windows Tablet—a Surface Mini, if you will—since last year. But an online retailer that’s partnered with Amazon has listed a case built for the Surface Mini, providing the hardest proof yet that such a tablet is in the works. That’s right: … [Read more...]

What Could Make Amazon’s Smartphone Tough to Turn Down? Free Data for Amazon Services

If Amazon's rumored smartphone let you stream music and Prime Instant Video for free, would you be interested? According to BGR, such data perks could accompany the device, which is expected to launch within the next few months. The wireless data plan for the smartphone is reportedly called "Prime Data," and would use … [Read more...]

Vic Gundotra, Head of Google+, is Leaving Google After 8 Years

Vic Gundotra is leaving Google.  Gundotra joined Google in 2007 after 15 years at Microsoft.  When he started at Google, he initially worked on the company’s mobile apps, including Google Maps.  He was then tasked to restart Google’s social efforts, an area in which the company had failed with products like Orkut and Google … [Read more...]

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