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The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that ran January 9-12 was the place to be to see all the new technology that’ll soon be introduced to the market soon. One of the biggest trends was tech for pets and their owners. The following are the five best pet-friendly gadgets that all pet owners are going to want in their lives.

1. PetMio

PetMio combines a smart tracker, smart food bowl and personalized diet solely for your pet to make sure they’re living their best life. The tracker on the collar provides info on their activity levels, as well as anything unusual to help a vet figure out if anything were to go wrong with your pet. The bowl tracks how much they’re eating and how fast they are eating it, determining if they’re over or under-eating.

With the data collected, PetMio makes a custom blend of food for your pet and sends it to you when you need it. If they’re getting older or suddenly having issues, you are notified and the recipe is changed. The app will also inform you if the trackers see any indication that your pet is getting sick or not feeling their best, so you know as soon as possible.

Overall, this is a huge step in pet wellness. PetMio sounds like a way to make sure our pets are as healthy and happy as possible and getting the diet and exercise they need.

2. Litter-Robot III Open Air With Connect

No one likes cleaning the litter box, but we do love our cats. This Litter-Robot model is the luxury litter box you didn’t know you needed. It’s self-cleaning, sifting the waste into a little drawer so you can then get rid of it. With the connectivity feature, you can check everything on your app while also monitoring your cat.

You can customize the settings of the litter box, get notifications when the waste drawer needs to be emptied and monitor your cat’s usage of the box so you see if there are any red flags. You can get a baseline down, determine what’s normal and monitor anything outside the normal that can serve as a warning to you. You can make sure your cat’s healthy while avoiding the gross elements of litter-box cleaning. It’s a win-win.

3. Whistle

We’ve all been bummed out by the “Lost Dog” posters we’ve seen peppered on telephone poles in our town. Whistle aims to make those posters a thing of the past while also giving insights into your dog’s activity and rest stats — all from a small collar attachment. You can set a safe zone for your pet where you’ll get a notification any time they go outside it. Using advanced GPS, the app can pinpoint your pet’s location anywhere in the US — making them easy to find if they get lost.

The app also lets you look into their activity level and the quality of their rest to make sure they’re getting enough of both for their size, breed and age. You can set goals if they need more of something and set up notifications if big changes occur that could indicate a problem.

4. Pebby

It’s hard to leave our furry friends at home, and it’s easy to feel guilty when you’re working an extra-long day. Pebby lets you both monitor your pet and play with them remotely, so they don’t have to just lay around waiting for you all day. The smart collar and ball system also includes cameras so you can see your loved one and play with them via the app. If you can’t play for a bit, the ball can go into auto mode, as well as play a message to them in your voice.

If your pet is rough with toys, you don’t need to worry. The casing is both shatterproof and waterproof, ready to stand up to even the toughest of pets. Pebby is a great tool to keep your pet entertained and make sure they’re not getting into trouble in your house.

5. petWALK Pet Doors

Doggy doors can be eyesores, and they’re a soft spot in the security of your home. petWALK aims to change that. With RFID technology, it opens only for your pet. It also latches securely, eliminating drafts that come from traditional flap doors. The system isn’t a security issue, as the door is lockable and sturdy. With its clip-on covers, you can make sure it looks good too.

The future of pet tech is here. With these gadgets, both you and your furry friends will be living your best lives in no time. If you’re looking for more info on dog tech, check out this article.

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