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Tweetie For Mac is an excellent Twitter application for your desktop. Unfortunately for you Windows users you are out of luck on this one as it’s only for OSX. Nonetheless, this is a magnificent application. In fact, up until the release of Tweetie For Mac I have never used a Twitter desktop application. I tried numerous such as TweetDeck and Twhirl, however, they just didn’t feel “right” and seemed too clunky for use of such a simple service.

Honestly, I did not expect Tweetie For Mac to be any different and was completely skeptical at first – that is, until, I actually started to use it. Tweetie For Mac is a stand alone application – it is not built on the Adobe Air platform unlike many of the other twitter clients for the desktop. The user interface is clean and simple which make it very easy to navigate. It has (like many of its competitors) built in support for TwitPic, yFrog, Twitgoo, and Posterous. It also has support for many URL shortening services including, TinyURL,,, and DiggBar. Other assorted preferences include display name options (username or full name), font size, notification options, as well as hotkey configurations for showing/hiding Tweetie and creating a new tweet. Tweetie also supports the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts which is good for people who have more than one which they update frequently.

As with other Twitter clients, Tweetie will allow you to check mentions, direct messages, and search twitter right from within the client itself. One thing I really like about Tweetie is the way it manages itself as you dig through other people’s tweets and profiles. It’s extremely simple to get back to your main screen or move back a level. The navigation bar at the top of the client makes it very simple allowing a user to navigate essentially anywhere with a single click of a mouse button.

Tweetie includes a number of context menu options such as replying, retweeting, direct messaging, opening in a browser, etc by right (control) clicking a tweet. Tweetie will also unmask masked URL’s (e.g., TinyURL, etc) before it opens them so you know where you’re going before you actually go there. This is a great safety measure.

Tweetie is free (with ad support), however, can be purchased (which will remove the ads) for $14.95 until May 4th, 2009. After May 4th Tweetie will be available for $19.95. As many of you are aware I am hosting a giveaway and will giving away a copy of Tweetie to one lucky person. The winner will be posted in a follow up video and blog post.

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